Being Happy Again in Marriage: 9 Tips to Save your Relationship

Most couples start life on a very beautiful note, enjoying each other’s company and all the comfort and love obtainable in it. However, for some reason and without you realizing what went wrong, your marriage became a drama or a horror story. Sometimes you may wonder why you should maintain a relationship that only brings you sadness and unhappiness. It is a natural feeling but there are ways that you can transform your marriage and bring back the spark. They include:

1.    Resolve conflicts and differences

It is natural for couples to fight and disagree at times, after all we are talking about two different people, so each has their own interests and ideas. These small differences will invariably result in occasional disagreements, however the disagreements need to be resolved, it is not enough to just pretend that they do not exist or give in to the other’s will every time. Poorly resolved conflicts cause the passion to gradually cool, so it is crucial to resolve crises and disagreements in marriage. 

2.    Leave your children at home and go out alone sometimes  

When the children are born to the couple’s attention, everything is for the children, so the romantic programs for two stop happening, so the marriage falls into a difficult routine to break. To avoid this catastrophe, make the habit of going out without your children one night a month, go to the cinema, theater, restaurant or your favorite unwinding spot. 

Leave your children with someone you trust and enjoy an evening just the two of you. It doesn’t have to be a whole night, just about five hours, the time to watch a movie, a show. It is going to afford you and your partner a lot of private and fun-filled time. 

3.    Do not overload the other

We will always need to have the support of others to perform certain tasks. When we get married we believe we have someone to help us in all situations that life brings us, but your partner is not your employee, do not overload him / her with favors or tasks, especially if those favors are of interest exclusively yours. The other also has his needs and things he needs to do, so he cannot dedicate his whole life to you. This overload of tasks gives the other the impression of being exploited. 

4.    Value your partner

It is always good to receive praise, especially from those we love, but to receive praise it is also necessary to give praise. Remind the person next to you how much you find her attractive, beautiful, intelligent, in short, everything that made you stay with him or her. This simple habit makes the other feel loved and willing to return that love.

5.    Learn to give in

Living in a group means losing some privileges to gain others. This dynamic applies to any group, be it friends, work, school, college. In marriage it is no different, if only one party gives in every time he / she will feel overwhelmed and begin to consider that the relationship is a burden. Stop to rethink your requirements and see if they are really fair and necessary. Learn to give up some things for the sake of life for two. Relationships require sacrifices too, things must not always go your way. 

6. Do activities together

Studies show that couples who perform activities together have more satisfactory marriages and are less likely to divorce. Couples who share tasks like cleaning the house have a more active sex life. Conducting activities with your spouse helps to strengthen the relationship and get to know each other better. Couples who do activities together have something more to talk about besides the problems of everyday life and their children. You can clean the house together, cook, dance, see movies or even play games together. 

7. Value what your partner does

It is frustrating to dedicate yourself to something or someone and not be recognized for it. You should feel that way, but have you valued what the other person has done for you? Make it a habit to praise your partner’s achievements: if he cleaned the house, cut the grasses ,fixed that leaky sink or made delicious food, compliment him and. Show him you appreciate his efforts. Praise makes the person want to do more good things.

8. Dialogue

Dialogue is an important part of any relationship, through it we know the other’s point of view and we can make the right arrangements. The act of talking is important in every relationship. The more a couple talks, the better the relationship is. When the members of the couple do not speak to each other, there is a sign that the relationship is not going well. Start doing things together with your husband or wife and learn more about the things he / she likes, so that you have more in common.

9. Learn to listen to what the other has to say

The importance of dialogue in marriage has already been discussed. However  it is important to stress that talking is not about saying what you think without hearing what another has to say. The act of transforming dialogue into a monologue, where only you speak makes the other gradually lose the desire to talk. You must have heard around: “when we got married we talked so much and today we barely speak” that is one of the main reasons. Give your partner the opportunity to speak too, it makes the conversation easier. 

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