Do You Believe It? A New Study Says This About Couples in the Church…

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You probably already suspected as much, but new research backs up the long-held theory of:

a couple that prays together, stays together

But it’s not just simply praying; it’s attending regular church service with your spouse. According to a new study published by the Institute for Family Studies, these married couples who go to church together were “about 30 to 50 percent less likely to divorce than those who do not.”

The study also found that these church-going couples were also more likely to live longer and experience better mental health (in terms of depression).

But the Harvard University-based researcher warns not to imply causation from the correlations to higher church attendance. He suggests the lower divorce rates could very likely be due to the benefits of the church environment and/or the shared religious principles of that couple versus their actual attendance. For example, churches usually offer more family support and marriage programs for couples; Christian doctrine places a large emphasis on honoring marriage vows; Christian concepts emphasize unselfish and unconditional love and and various other beliefs, which all can play a role in the stability of a couple.

So Parents, Do you think going to church together has an impact on the strength of your marriage? Or do you think the couple’s principles and/or personal faith has more to do with their stability than actual church attendance?


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