BENEFITS OF SEX DURING PREGNANCY. While you and your spouse may have had lots of steamy bedroom sessions during the period that you were trying to have a baby but now that conception has happened, the way you feel about sex might no longer be as straightforward. When you are pregnant, sex becomes a complicated matter as both you and your partner have more on your minds. Is it safe? Are there ways of comfortably having sex? Should you even bother when you get so tired so easily?

Apart from these worries, there’s also the fact that with pregnancy, your body goes through a few changes and an increased libido is one of them. From the first to the last month of your pregnancy, your libido will undergo continuous fluctuations and your main worry will likely be whether having sex will harm your baby.

First things first. Yes! Sex isn’t off-limits the moment you get pregnant and you can do it throughout your pregnancy – unless your doctor tells you otherwise. And no, it won’t adversely affect your baby. In fact, indulging in sex while you are pregnant comes with some pretty nice perks – both emotional and psychological.

From helping you feel good about your pregnant body, strengthening the relationship between you and your spouse to helping you relieve stress and even getting a good night’s sleep. Here are some of the benefits of having sex during pregnancy that you probably didn’t know about.


During pregnancy, the supply of blood in your body doubles to meet both your and your baby’s requirements but the circulation isn’t always able to meet that demand.

This is where sex comes in. The hormones released in your brain during sex helps to restore adequate oxygen supply to the growing baby. That is, it gets your blood pumping fast enough to get all the nutrition the baby needs to grow and develop right to it as often as the baby needs it.


This is actually an interesting aspect of having sex during pregnancy. Many pregnant women have said that they enjoyed sex more while they were pregnant compared to when they weren’t.

For some pregnant women, the surge in their hormones – progesterone and estrogen – causes their sex drives to spike higher than usual. Not to mention, all the extra blood flowing to their vulvas – due to the increased estrogen – tend to increase sensitivity and arousal down there which leads to more intense feelings and orgasms.

And that could be you too. In fact, you might even discover new pleasure areas that you didn’t know you had.

But then, if you aren’t feeling it, that’s okay too.


This is one of the biggest benefits of having sex while you are pregnant, even more so in the last few months of your pregnancy.

Having sex regularly during pregnancy tones the muscles of your pelvic floor and makes them strong enough to handle the strenuous job of vaginal delivery which in turn speeds up the rate of recovery after giving birth.

Not only that, maybe you visit the toilet frequently or experience some incontinence when you sneeze or laugh, having pregnancy sex contracts and strengthens the muscles, which then helps you to regulate your urine flow.

Many women perform Kegel exercises to strengthen their pelvic muscles, but if you aren’t able to, indulge in some sexual intercourse to contract them.BENEFITS OF SEX DURING PREGNANCY.


The joy you experience concerning your incoming baby probably won’t stop you from occasionally feeling stressed, anxious or otherwise emotional – thanks to those pesky hormones.

Heck, pregnancy is normally a roller coaster of emotions for women but the best way to de-stress and just live in the moment is to have sex. Besides, the release of oxytocin when you orgasm gives your feelings of happiness and love a huge boost and strengthens your bond with your partner.


As was stated earlier, you may have been worried about the adverse effects of sex on your unborn baby. Here’s the good news; not only will having sex not hurt your baby, but those benefits you enjoy are good for your baby too.

For example, being able to burn some extra calories makes it easier for you not to gain pregnancy weight which reduces the pressure of your body on the baby.

Interestingly, research has shown that the oxytocin released when you have an orgasm boosts your immune system. It also increases the number of antibodies that increases your immunity to boost your resistance to the seasonal ailments that often plague pregnant women.

A stronger immune system then means that your baby is shielded from ailments as well. BENEFITS OF SEX DURING PREGNANCY.

The benefits to your baby aren’t limited to the physiological, there are the emotional benefits as well. When you are feeling good – from an orgasm – your little one is exposed to lesser amounts of stress hormones like cortisol. And that definitely has a positive effect on the development of your baby both while you are pregnant and after you’ve given birth.


As the second trimester of your pregnancy comes around, you may be at risk of experiencing a rise in your blood pressure which may lead to a condition known as pre-eclampsia.

Generally, your doctor would recommend lifestyle changes and some medications to keep the condition in check, but having sex can do wonders too.

How, you ask?

The sperm contains a particular protein known as HLA-G which works to lower your blood pressure and even improves your immune functions. That way, it helps to prevent you from having pre-eclampsia.


Finally, all the physical changes that your body goes through might be a bit hard to come to terms with which might also make you feel less attractive than you were before you got pregnant.

Well, that increased libido will foster a positive attitude and boost your self-confidence, and having sex will definitely elevate your self-esteem.

So don’t write off sex completely just because you are pregnant, enjoy it.


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