BENEFITS OF ZINC SEXUALLY.Hey guys, are you currently familiar with the various minerals and vitamins that your body needs? If so, then you probably shouldn’t be surprised at the essential roles that zinc plays in your body.


It lends a hand in the formation of more than 300 enzymes in your body, not to mention its involvement in so many processes from repairing your cells, boosting your immune system to combat illness to even helping you sleep better at night.

But the sad thing is, your body doesn’t actually produce zinc so what this means is that you need to a daily intake of it to ensure healthy levels in your body.

Well this is all fine and dandy, but what else can you get it from zinc, you wonder.


Okay not exactly. But many of you men engage in sex, so we have to give you the juicy bits on how to make it more enjoyable and productive by telling you how zinc can be beneficial for you sexually.


You probably don’t know this but zinc is known as the ultimate sex mineral because of its influence on male fertility, sex drive, male potency and even your sexual health in the long term.

How does it work?

First of all, zinc plays a large role in the production of your sperm so when the volume of your semen reduces or testosterone levels drop, blame it on the low supply of zinc. As a matter of fact, every cum you ejaculate uses up about 5mg of zinc, which is almost half of your daily allowance of the mineral. Now imagine how much zinc is used up if you had sex a few times a day, not to mention the sneaky bathroom hand jobs.

So if you are thinking of starting a family, you might want to take a little bit more zinc to give your fertility a boost.

Now, a study on the effect of zinc on testosterone levels found that men who reduced their intake of zinc for about 20 weeks experienced lower testosterone levels while zinc deficient old men who took zinc supplements for a minimum of 6 months experienced a rise in their testosterone levels.

What exactly does testosterone do, you ask?

If you are lacking in testosterone, you won’t be able to maintain an erection and it can also cause a decline in your libido. However, when you take zinc supplements or introduce it into your diet, it creates opportunities for your body to produce more testosterone.

This then leads to better sex because now you’ll be able to maintain firm erections more frequently and you’ll have a greater desire for sex.

Another interesting way that zinc works to boost libido was found in a study conducted in 2013. It was found that your sense of smell might actually be important for your libido, especially in younger men. Which meant that when men run low on zinc, it reduces their sense of smell and therefore their libido.BENEFITS OF ZINC SEXUALLY.

It wasn’t just the testosterone levels that were affected by decreased amounts of zinc, the reduced concentration of zinc also resulted in the men’s inability to detect the indistinct chemicals that induce arousal.


If you are planning to be a daddy in the nearest future, it isn’t enough for you to only have healthy and copious sperms and a good sex drive.

How well your sperm moves is also very important because if they are too slow they won’t be able to swim toward the egg to fertilize it which is a major cause of infertility in men.

Now don’t confuse this with your sperm count. The motility of your sperm refers to the percentage of sperm that can move forward. The more there are, the better their chances of reaching the goal. So what could slow them down?

Nutrition deficiencies and low levels of zinc are usually part of the problem. So make sure to add zinc-rich foods – seafood, liver, grains – to your diet as well.BENEFITS OF ZINC SEXUALLY.


Yep, another great reason to use zinc is that it’ll help you shoot bigger loads. Would you like me to dare you to take zinc and see if you don’t observe an increase in the volume of your semen?

No really, if you have a special night planned with your wife on Valentine’s Day, why not take some additional zinc just to make sure you can paint her face extra well with your shot – if you are into that sort of thing.

Maybe, on the other hand, you’ve been having trouble producing enough semen to get your wife pregnant, then this is good news for you.

Add some zinc to your diet and see how copious your semen becomes.


Prostate cancer is one of the most common diseases in men that could have been prevented with the right lifestyle choices and zinc plays an essential role in helping you to maintain and improve your prostate health.

Researchers discovered that in cancerous prostate cells, there was a whole lot less zinc than in healthy cells. Now if you consider the fact that in men, apart from the bones, the prostate houses the most zinc content in the body then you can imagine how dire it is for zinc to be deficient in that area.

As you get older, your diet changes and you tend to exercise less which results in a reduction in your daily zinc consumption. If you don’t have high enough levels of zinc in your diet, you increase your risk of developing an enlarged prostate or ain inflammation in your prostate, not to mention your risk of prostate cancer increases.

So enjoy a handful of those nuts now that you know a little extra zinc lowers your risk of having prostate cancer.

Asides from taking zinc supplements, if you want to keep your body’s zinc storage in check, you can also find zinc in turkey, beans, cereal, dairy products, nuts and if you are trying to be a bit exotic – oysters.BENEFITS OF ZINC SEXUALLY.


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