Benefits or Backbone? 6 Reasons to Stop Wasting Time in a Bad Relationship

Relationships are expected to have happy endings but what happens if they don’t? Do you just sit around waiting for things to fall back in place or do otherwise? Everyone wants to have a perfect relationship thus, keep trying to make things work even when it’s obvious that things have gone sour. 

A lot of people are going through a lot in their relationships. Some are in very toxic relationships with abusive partners but do not dare to leave. You may think about what people will say, how many years you’ve wasted, or even fear being single/alone. No one, including introverts, loves loneliness. There’s always the natural longing for human attention, love, and presence. 

However, when your relationship is unfavorable and makes you less than you’ve always been, the best decision you will ever make is to leave. Yes, it’s not going to be easy because of the uncertainties involved but here are 6 reasons why leaving a bad relationship is completely worth it. 

1. You deserve the best

You need to realize that there is so much to live for.  There is family, work, travel, goals, and more to keep you happy. Thus, staying in an unromantic relationship is only but a waste of time. No one has to stay in a bad relationship for long. It is okay to keep hoping that things will get better but upon careful scrutiny and analysis of the relationship, you need to know when to end things. 

Don’t waste your time, energy, and other resources trying to make your partner love you or treat you well, even when it’s obvious that they don’t care about you. Be courageous and walk away because you deserve the best and more. 

2. It halts your personal growth 

Bad relationships are known to negatively affect one party. Staying in such a relationship will hinder your personal growth. At some point, this kind of relationship begins to affect your self-esteem. You start seeing yourself differently and gradually, you begin to feel less about yourself. As opposed to a healthy relationship that promotes dialogue, growth, and open communication, a bad relationship dims your light and in the long run, it puts you in the dark. 

This is usually because you have a partner or someone who doesn’t appreciate you and your efforts. You often hear discouraging words like “you can’t do this, you shouldn’t do this, don’t do that” and other negative words. This is in no way good for your personal growth. 

3. A bad relationship affects your health 

Terrible relationships don’t just affect your personal growth and self-esteem, they also affect your health. As a result of the numerous quarrels and arguments you have with your partner, you begin to feel scared. Sometimes anxiety sets in and you begin to feel uncomfortable. 

You may prefer to spend more time outside than at home because you don’t want to face another bout of quarrels. You also notice that you don’t sleep well at night. High blood pressure and depression may also set in. You begin to have suicidal thoughts and ponder on a thousand and one ways to die. 

4. It may become toxic 

What began as a quarrel may gradually turn into a toxic relationship. You realize that your partner begins to abuse you emotionally, sexually, psychologically, and verbally. They say hurtful and demeaning things to you while you just sit, watch and hurt deeply. If care is not taken, your partner may begin to hit you. 

If you are married to this person, it’s a lot more difficult. This is because your kids watch your partner abuse you and it sends a bad message to them. Also, there’s no guarantee that the abuse will stop with you. Such a partner may even begin to hit your children and say unkind words to them. 

5. The longer you wait, the harder it gets to leave the relationship 

Leaving any relationship, whether beautiful or toxic is never an easy step to take. However, if you keep waiting for a day when it’ll be easy to leave, that day will never come because it gets harder as the day goes by. We understand there’s this deep feeling of uncertainty because you don’t know what’s going on on the other side. 

You keep having doubts and may ask questions like What if life outside this relationship is worse? Will I meet a better person? What if I don’t? These questions are valid and normal. However, you won’t find out what it feels like to be free if you don’t leave. You’ll realize there’s so much to live for and enjoy the freedom that comes from living truly. 

6. It affects your career 

You may not notice it but a bad relationship affects your career. Your output and productivity at work begin to reduce because you spend so much time thinking about your relationship and it’s numerous problems. Often, these thoughts fill your mind and you tend to do things the wrong way. 

You think about how to handle the fights at home and this eats you up. You can only be happy when you leave that relationship. It’s going to be difficult to take this step but when you do, you’ll be glad you did. There’s no better time to leave a bad relationship, the time is now.

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