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The first date is a very special milestone in any relationship. It might mark the beginning of a lifelong relationship or even end a relationship as well. Thus it is important that the guy in the relationship takes it on himself to make it a very special day for his partner and for himself so that the relationship lasts for a longer time. The venue is the most important place. Traditionally it has always been one way, but with evolving time and more avenues to explore as venues for first dates, there are manyoptions to choose from. Some of the options are:

  • A simple long walk is often appreciated. There are thousands of topics to talk on when you go for a walk. Sometimes you can make a stop journey at a small café or sit by the lakeside and enjoy hot tea. It does not always take you to spend bundles of notes to impress your partner. Most often than not, it is the small actions that you perform that makes herrealise that you really care for her is what is needed the most in such a date.
  • Quite unusual as it might sound but many first dates have also been held in comic bookstores and toy stores. Since, toys remain a girl’s favourite from time immemorial, what better a place than a toy store itself to engage into a date. Comic stores or bookstores are ideal places for those who love to read books and may call it their first love soon to be changed into their second love if the date goes on well.
  • Museums are not only huge structures where studious and nerds go to complete their assignments. Many first dates take place here also. It need not be that you are a die- hard fan of museums. But the huge infrastructure which would keep you engaged with your partner for hours is exactly what you need as a young couple to enjoy your first date. There are many people who to a museum everyday not just to look at what is in the display but to take their partners out for a date and end up talking and sharing various opinions on various things.
  • Date does not always mean that you need to drink and content yourself. There are many non –alcoholic drinks that constitute a part of your first date. Moreover, casinos, discotheques are ideal places for first dates even if you and your partner do not opt for a drink. Again here the infrastructure is so huge, that you can actually go for a little walk and explore the place itself and indulge into talks regarding various things in life.
  • The traditional candle light dinner cannot be excluded completely. However, today it may have changed venue to arooftop or a dining table.

Thus, these are some of the best places where you can take your partner for the perfect first date which both of you would remember all your lives.

Bayo Ajibola

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