BEST SEX POSITIONS TO GET PREGNANT. So, it’s about time you and your partner have a baby. Don’t forget that the easy part is bringing a child into the world, the hard part is raising them right. Moving on.

For some people, a casual roll in the hay results in pregnancy while for some others, it takes time and careful planning. If you have been trying to have a baby lately and haven’t been having any success, it’s probably about time you looked at the way you and your partner are having intercourse.

That’s right. The sex positions you use are one of the factors that boost your chances of getting pregnant.

So what can you do to make the baby-making process more interesting and successful? Here are some tips on the best positions to get that positive pregnancy test that actually works.



It’s basic but it works, heck, majority of the babies born all over the world were born from this position. The missionary is the most common, most popular and the most comfortable position for those trying to get pregnant.

Here’s how it works.

With your man on top, lie down on your back. It’s been said that your cervix being tilted upward in this position helps your partner’s sperm to move closer to the cervix which makes it easier for you to get pregnant. Not to mention it gives him a better option of achieving deeper penetration.

If you want an even better tilt to allow your partner’s sperm to travel deeper into your cervix, you can also place a pillow under your hips.


Many men would agree that is an amazing position and one of their favorites. What they might not be aware of is how great this position is for making babies.

The doggy style – rear entry – is designed such that the man can achieve deeper penetration and it opens up the cervix wide enough for sperm to easily make their way inside. Definitely, a surefire way to get pregnant quickly.

So if you get bored with the missionary position but you still want a position that can get you pregnant, try doing the doggy style.


The magic mountain is kind of like a remix of the doggy style and is another excellent position for getting pregnant fast. This is because it allows the sperm to go deeper toward the cervix really fast and it makes it easier for the woman to orgasm as it stimulates your clitoris and lets your partner hit your G-spot.

Where the magic mountain position differs from the doggy is that your partner will bend over you in such a way that his chest will be against your back and you will be bent at the waist. If you need a bit more balance, you can place a pillow beneath your head. If you want to increase the curve of your waist to tilt your pelvis, even more, you can reduce the number of pillows you use or use a smaller one. BEST SEX POSITIONS TO GET PREGNANT.


The name sounds quite interesting but it is also another twist on the missionary style. This style allows your pelvis to be tilted upward which encourages super deep penetration and increasing your chances of getting pregnant.

How it works is you will lie down on your back, your partner will lie on all fours on top of you with his legs stretched out. You can then raise your pelvis – a pillow can help give you that extra lift – and wrap your legs around him.

The juiciest part of this particular position is that you can do all the work without your partner having to move at all. To make things even more exciting, make sure to spend some time on foreplay and arousing each other to the max before taking the dive.


By this point, I’m sure you can already see how well the missionary has evolved. This style ensures that your partner hits your G-spot and penetrates deep inside you – which boosts your chances of conception.

In the rock and roller position, just like the missionary, you’ll be lying on your back and your partner will be on top. However, unlike the regular missionary, you’ll raise your legs above your head before your partner penetrates you.BEST SEX POSITIONS TO GET PREGNANT.

This position is another great one for getting pregnant.


With a name so pretty, you’d probably be expecting something soft and romantic. Well let me break it to you, the butterfly position is anything but. It’s an adventurous way to spice up your baby-making escapades.

With this style, you’ll lie down on your back, on a table. Then your partner will stand in between your feet and hoist your hips up with his hands – a pillow works too. The butterfly position gives you that alluring spice in your sex life and ensures that the better penetration it offers allows your partner’s sperm to stay in your vagina longer and ensures better odds of getting pregnant.


Sometimes, just sometimes, the position itself might not matter. What matters is how the position makes you feel. Some studies have shown that when you and your partner engage in longer foreplay and he experiences a greater level of sexual arousal before he ejaculates, it can increase his sperm count. This means that if a certain position turns him on more, it can increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Now for women, sexual arousal applies to the ladies as well. It’s been shown that when a woman experiences an orgasm just before, during or a bit after your man ejaculates, your chances of getting pregnant become higher. This is because the contractions caused by your orgasms help to move the sperm along into the cervix.

So bottom line, any position that gives you both maximum pleasure and gets the semen closest to the cervix increases your chances of getting pregnant.BEST SEX POSITIONS TO GET PREGNANT

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