Best sex positions when pregnant. When the topic of sex comes up, many pregnant women become anxious and tend to have loads of questions. Normally pregnancy brings couples closer together emotionally but tends to drive them apart in terms of physical intimacy – an important part of any relationship. Not to mention that as your little baby bump evolves into a full-fledged baby, many of the sex positions you are familiar with would no longer feel comfortable or satisfying.

So it comes as no surprise that when it comes to sex, the couple is much more concerned about the safety of their baby than on each other, and they end up avoiding sex.

Well, worry not. There are a few safe sex positions that you can try without stressing about the safety of your baby. First of all, your baby is surrounded by an amniotic fluid that protects it inside the uterus. Not to mention the uterus is far enough from the vagina that penetration doesn’t reach it. Of course, that is assuming that you have normal sex.

Your orgasms can cause some minor contractions but they are generally harmless.

But if you still aren’t convinced and are worried about the safety of your baby, here are the best sex positions for when you are pregnant that you can try without fear of medical complications.

Best sex positions when pregnant


This position is one of the best sex positions that you can enjoy during pregnancy without worrying because it is extremely comfortable and your belly weight gets adequate support. Here’s how it works;

You lie down on your side and your partner does the same behind you, like two spoons carefully placed in a drawer. While curled up behind you, your partner can move your legs so they are wrapped around the outside of his legs which opens up your legs for some enticing clitoral stimulation before the actual penetration. If you need additional support, you can place a pillow beneath your knee.

This position allows you to control the depth of the penetration as well making it pleasurable for you and your partner and it keeps the baby weight off your back so there’s no need to worry about holding up your belly weight.


This position is also known as the woman on top style and is known to be the most comfortable style to try at any stage during your pregnancy. How it works is that your partner lies down on his back on the bed and you straddle him.  

This way, you don’t have any pressure on your belly and can control the depth, angle, and speed of his penetration as well as your clitoral stimulation. Whatever you are comfortable with works.

Do note though, that while this position is great for any trimester, it might become tough to maneuver into this position in your final trimester when your belly has grown considerably.


This position is best especially during your first trimester before your growing belly gets in the way. Here, you lie down on your back with a pillow beneath your back to tilt your pelvis while your partner leans over you ensuring that all his weight is supported either by his hands or his knees or on all fours.

This removes any potential pressure on your belly.


This is a twist on the classic missionary position, where your partner lies down facing you. Here, he’ll slip his legs over you and penetrate you from an angle. But he needs to be positioned a bit lower than you to penetrate you.

You can also try placing your top leg over your partner’s hips and have your bottom leg against his leg.


In this position, you’ll lie down with your back on either the side of the foot of the bed. Your bum will be over the edge and your partner will support you. Your knees will be bent and open to both sides. If you are trying this in the first few months of your pregnancy, make sure to support your back with a pillow.

As for your partner, he’ll either be standing or kneeling in front of you depending on how high the bed is.

If you are feeling kinky you can try it on a table too.


This is another awesome position to try in your first trimester. In this position, you’ll be on all fours while bending your knees and elbows and have your stomach supported with a pillow or cushion. This way, your partner can penetrate you from behind while effectively controlling his penetration in a way that you can both derive pleasure.


What are the best sex positions by trimester?

When it comes to sex, apart from those that safe and comfortable, what feels right also matters too. But what’s really best?

In your first trimester, your baby bump is practically nonexistent so any of the positions listed above are great for you to try.Best sex positions when pregnant.

By the second trimester, you start getting bigger so that is a good time to explore the positions that work around your belly. Since you aren’t completely huge yet, the best positions are the spooning, missionary side by side and the cowgirl positions.

And by the third trimester, some of your favorites become a tad more challenging, but all hope isn’t lost. The spooning and edge of the bed positions are great positions to try.

However, if you experience any pain while having sex during pregnancy, that continues to persist, you should check in with your doctor. If you bleed during or right after sex, you should definitely visit your doctor.

Mild, temporary pain is usually not a cause for concern but if even after using these best sex positions, you are still worried about your little one, there’s no harm in consulting your doctor about other safety measures to undertake when it comes to sex during your pregnancy.

It’s all about listening to your body and doing whatever feels best – so try them!Best sex positions when pregnant.

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