Beyonce Pictured at the gym with Jay Z

American artist, Beyonce recently welcomed her twin babies and is already working out to lose the baby weight. She was spotted heading to a gym in Los Angeles with her husband in tow. Her friend, Kelly Rowland, also visited the gym with the couple.

The mother-of-three and her rapper husband wore matching outfits. She covered up in a pair of black workout leggings and a beige sweatshirt, with a hood. Jay Z also tried to go unnoticed in black sweatpants with a beige sweatshirt and hood. Kelly, on the other hand, wore a pair of black biker shorts with a gray sports bra and a hat.

A source said Beyonce and Jay Z arrived at the gym together, and Kelly met them there.

“Beyoncé walked out with a towel, and she looked like she had a serious sweat session. Jay-Z was in a great mood and so was Kelly. They all looked exasperated but thrilled,” the source said.

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