Big Bolaji shares his love story

Popular Gospel artiste, Bolaji Olanrewaju aka Big Bolaji, has shared his love story in a new interview, and its inspiring. Read the interview below:

When you first met your wife, was it a case of love at first sight?

I would not describe it as a case of love at first sight because we were friends for a while before we became lovers and got married.

How did you meet your wife?

I met her in church. We were workers in the church and we also had mutual friends, so it made things easier for me.

How long did your friendship last before it blossomed into a love affair?

We were friends for about three years before we became lovers.

Was it not awkward for either of you when you asked her out?

It was so easy for me because we just grew into each other. Our friendship evolved naturally.

What endeared you to her?

I love the fact that she is God fearing and ambitious.

Were you jittery the first time you met her parents?

To be honest, I really cannot remember that day as we speak.

Did you have a bachelor’s party?

No, I did not because I had a programme to attend a day before my wedding.

How were you able to prepare for the wedding?

The wedding was sorted already because I had a wedding planner. On the Friday before my wedding, I went for my ministration.

Were you not exhausted on your wedding day?

I was not really tired, also, I was very excited about getting married so that alone killed any form of exhaustion I had.

When your wife was walking towards you during the event, what went through your mind?

It all looked like a movie to me but I knew from that day that the only direction I would take in life is the forward direction with my wife with me always.

Were you shy to kiss your wife when you were proclaimed husband and wife?

I was not really shy.

You are someone that has sung at weddings. How did you feel when another person was performing at yours?

It was strange for me and I felt the urge to walk up to the bandstand to perform or give them directives on how to sing and what song to sing.

Some couples have often said they could not eat on their wedding day. Was that the case with you?

We did not have time to eat but at a stage, they had to get me food because I was getting hungry. My wife knows that whenever I am hungry, I get cranky so they had to get me food so that I did not get irritated by the slighted provocation.

Did you have a honeymoon immediately after your marriage?

No, we had to postpone it for a few weeks because we had to go to work after our wedding. We travelled to the United Arab Emirate for our honeymoon.

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