Big Brother Star Bambam Talks About Being Trolled Over Postpartum Weight Gain

Ex Big Brother Housemate, Bam Bam in a recent interview has shared her challenges and how Nigerians troll her frequently due to her postpartum weight gain. Bam Bam who married her fellow housemate, Teddy A is a young mother of two.

The interview is as below.

Interviewer: Your weight gain was obviously on social media so people were able to see.

Bambam: They came for my jugular, they said all manner of nasty things. So one-day I was just like, who are these people? Who give una mind to talk to me? You guys are nonexistent as far as I’m concerned. I’m gonna go through this like when I’m ready to snap back. I lost some weights before this baby number two jumped on.

Interviewer: What’s going through your mind? Like when you post a picture you like and you are like “I like this picture whatever” and someone comes to you and says you are fat and this is as a result of having a child. How did it really make you feel?

Bambam: I used to be size 8 then went from that to 14 to 16. I didn’t expect it after pregnancy and thank God Teddy likes his women thick so he never made me feel bad about it.

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