Big Brother Star Mercy Eke Says She Went Under The Knife To Enhance Her Self Confidence

Big Brother Mercy Eke does not shy away from being asked why she went under the knife to change her body.

Interviewer: Why are you so open about yourself because some people will hide, they’ll rather tell you that they drank 20 liters of something to add weight and to grow big butt. You even did your body before you got into the big brother naija house.

Mercy: I did it for myself, I did it to enhance my confidence. I know I wanted to look good in what I wear, I am into fashion and I need to have a certain kind of body, I did it for myself.

I feel like those hiding from it don’t have the confidence, maybe they did it for something else. I did it for myself, I did it to sell my business, I don’t think there is anything to be ashamed of.

People are bleaching, it’s the same thing it depends on how you are doing it

Interviewer: Oh that’s another form of enhancement?

Mercy: Yes, because that’s not how God created you. Fake lashes and all these things, if we talk about them are the same thing. If you think you are that girl then leave yourself the way God created you.

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