Blinded by Love? Ladies, Pay Attention to These 7 Signals Before Tying the Knot

Of course, nobody is perfect. Consequently, every relationship has its difficulties and this is normal. It is always recommended to try to understand the dynamics of the relationship before taking marital steps. The way the relationship works determines what will happen in your marriage. 

Although differences exist and correspond to important challenges in any relationship, some behaviors correspond to signs of great danger and need urgent attention:

1. You don’t feel safe

For the relationship to progress to marriage, it is often necessary to look at some behaviors of your partner. How receptive are they? Does he allow you to be yourself in the relationship? Is it going to change when you tie the knot? Pay attention if you feel that you cannot be yourself in his / her presence; this is very destructive.

2. There is a negative consensus about your relationship

Of course, it is your opinion that has to prevail, but if your family, friends, people you trust are not happy with your marriage intentions, it is worth paying attention to what is happening. Often, people “outside” see things that can go unnoticed by those involved. Do not let love blind you, listen to trusted people, and try to see things from their perspective. 

3. Do you feel controlled?

A healthy relationship is made by two people who seek to harmonize their differences and live in consensus. Your partner makes all the decisions, things always have to be his way, he doesn’t like to be upset and this has made you accept everything to avoid fights. 

This is a very bad thing to do. Trust and respect are essential. You don’t need to beg before your opinions are heard and considered. If you feel controlled by your man, maybe it’s time to take a good look at the relationship before you say the big yes. 

4.  Criticism and nitpicking are constant

Whether from one or both, one cannot live well in an environment where criticism is continuous and commonplace. Even if in jest, if one is always “pinning” the other, it is necessary to analyze better what is happening. If it is a phase, changing this behavior is essential and if it has always been so, all the red lights are turned on because you are in a danger zone. There is no guarantee that it will stop in marriage hence the need to double-check. 

5. There is no sexual connection

Not every intending couple sticks to the ‘no sex before marriage’ rule. Some would like to explore and find out if they are sexually compatible with their partner. If this is you, you need to find out if you can put up with the sexual strength of your husband to be. The sexual relationship is not everything, but it has great importance in the couple’s life. 

6. You have no life of your own

In a relationship, it is very important to live connected, but that cannot mean the loss of individuality. This means that the “we” is of paramount importance, but it has no consistency if each one’s “I” is not satisfied. You should be able to have a voice and own it. Make certain decisions for yourself and be happy. 

7. Have you been wondering if you are in the wrong relationship?

Dissatisfaction is an open door to a series of misunderstandings and suffering. If you are unsure about your relationship it is urgent to take action. It may seem painfully obvious, but if you try to “cover the sun with a sieve” you will end up being responsible for a huge regret in the future.

These signs will help you know how far you’ve come and if you are actually ready to tie the knot. Do not delay in taking action, do not believe that “in time everything will be resolved”. Seek help if needed and change this situation quickly. If things are so bad, then maybe it’s time to close that chapter.

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