BMI-Body Mass Index What is the big deal?

Bayo Ajibola
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This BMI palava has since forever had a ring of hush, stay clear, don’t talk about it! Yes, but what is the big deal about it.

Body Mass Index (BMI) is the tool used to determine whether

We or our children have healthy weight or not. The ‘not’ is in two folds, it is either one is underweight or overweight or in other words obese when their height is taken into consideration.

There are genuine risks to being overweight. Being overweight creates chances for us to develop high blood pressure and the not so interesting but frustrating fact is that our blood pressure goes up as our body weight increases.

Other risks include high blood cholesterol and diabetes. These two duos are not great pals with our heart.

Being underweight too is risky as our immunity, fertility; bones are weakened, not to talk of decrease our energy levels.

Okay! Do you think BMI is a big deal now? Would you like to know your BMI?

Please go to the link below to calculate you BMI know how it is calculated and get information on how to loose or gain weight.



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