BORING MARRIAGE? 2 Tips on How to Spice things Up in Your Marriage.

How to Spice things Up in Your Marriage.Another weekend has come and you and your partner are going to be spending it doing the same old stuff. He’ll wash the car, you’ll do the laundry, and then later you’ll both watch TV before going to bed.


Don’t misunderstand, the love is still there, but sometimes as a married couple, you tend to get stuck in the ruts and routines that often bleed out the excitement of what married could be. Life can be busy especially when you have kids, and you forget the fun and newness of when you first started dating or when you were newlyweds.  Back then, you had so much fun together, but at some point, you both settled into a routine that left things a bit meh!

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In fact, at this point, you won’t even be shocked if you see your wedding picture alongside the phrase “boring marriage” online because your married life is beginning to feel boring or stale.

But what I believe is that it is because couples usually forget about that spark that you once had with your partners. All you need to do is to rekindle that fire, right? Now you are ready to spice things up and set things back in motion, but your question must be, how do you start?

Making the decision to get the spices on is the easy part. Going through with the decision is usually where it gets tough. For one, you have probably worked hard all week and by the time its Friday, you are dog tired and you really just want to crash pronto. In fact, the thought of doing anything beyond eating dinner and going to sleep is enough to worsen your fatigue. But the thing is, you didn’t sign up for a boring marriage so its time to change things up. It is time to throw in some extra spice.

So here are 2 stupidly simple ways to spice things up in your marriage and shake up the rut of everyday life with your partner.


You must have heard someone say that couples must go on dates. Yes, most definitely, but you want to do something stupidly simple? Put a spin on what you’d normally do on your dates – however few they may have been. Drop the kids off with your parents or your sibling, or if your family isn’t close by, have a friend watch over them for the evening.

Get yourself dolled up in something super sexy – instead of that old grey blouse and skirt that you like to wear to work – then hit the road with your spouse and figure out what you guys are going to do as you drive along. Okay, I get it, going out on a date without anything planned? Yikes? Nah, it’s really not as blasphemous as you might think and you will find that maybe there’s something exciting and new to do on this date of yours in comparison to the usual movie or dinner themes.

Of course, if you feel the need to plan the date, go right ahead. Just make sure it is something you and your partner have never done before. It could be going to a concert, or even paintballing. Mix it up and don’t be scared to take some risks, don’t be scared to do something youthful and fun to light up that spark that you and your partner once felt as youths.

And when you are done with that, do some sharing with your partner. I don’t mean sharing your dinner – although that’s also nice once in a while – instead, share your thoughts with them, your fantasies especially. It could be a fantasy that you’ve been harboring for years but never really shared. As long as it’s not something degrading or scary, then share it.

Word of warning though men in the house, don’t think about the whole threesome idea, not many women are into that so abeg pick a different fantasy.How to Spice things Up in Your Marriage.


After you and your partner have opened up to each other and shared your dirty little secrets, try them out. Set up the scene with the right atmosphere and cosplay, if that’s what get you both going. If you need to get away from the house and the kids, that’s fine too. Just remember to make it new and fun and never ever pick on your partner or make fun of them for sharing those secrets with you, no matter how crazy or different they might be.


Right now, what you think marriage is about? Are you pissed off at the idea of romance or sex or you find marriage itself to be no more than an obligation? Well, maybe you need to refresh your thoughts and remind yourself of the reasons you tied the knot in the first place.

Marriage is more than the social institution where a woman and man establish their decision to live together by religious ceremonies or legal bindings, it involves the physical and emotional bonds that a couple share in wedlock. It is friendship and love and the choice to live with another person with support and happiness. Sure, there will be times when happiness seems so far, but the main point is to strive towards that happiness.How to Spice things Up in Your Marriage.

If one partner isn’t happy, and steps aren’t taken to reclaim that happiness, the marriage will not only get boring, it will fail. Don’t forget, physical intimacy is a huge part of remaining happy in a relationship. So refresh your ideas of what your marriage is and what it should be and you’ll find yourself giving it your all.How to Spice things Up in Your Marriage.

Wear something sexy for your partner, tease them with flirtatious looks, even if you don’t remember how to flirt, do some research and learn. Never give up on spicing up the passion in your marriage, no matter how long you’ve been together.

Do not let the desire fizzle out.

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