Does It Bother You That You’ve Never Been in a Relationship Before?

Bayo Ajibola
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Every time you sit down with your girlfriends or cousins everyone seems to have a new story about a new guy they are seeing or considering since they have been after them. You, on the other hand, are older than 20 and have never even been asked out on a real date. Do you feel like something could be wrong with you but nobody’s telling you?

Okay, maybe your family and especially those nosy aunts keep trying to figure out why you’re still single after all these years but they don’t give workable solutions. In this era young women are all about attracting men to them regardless of their age. You may be somewhat of a late bloomer in that department and that can leave you feeling a little ashamed. It might even be the only area you aren’t excelling at!

Don’t worry though, dear relationship virgin. There are plenty of others going through the same as you. That said, you need to get to the root of it. It could be that the men around you are just blind or aren’t ready for someone as spectacular as you. It could also be that you’re giving off a certain vibe or carrying some attitudes with you.

You feel like men don’t really see you

You feel like even if you were put right in the middle of a group of hot and eligible bachelors none of them would really notice you like you want them to. That says more about you than about the men actually. Why do you feel invisible? What do you think other young women have that you don’t?

What you need is to fall in love with you and to fall hard! Do you like who you are? Maybe there are some parts of your body that you feel could do with a revamp? Love them just as they are. You attract what you think dear so if you think you are invisible, don’t deserve male attention or just can’t attract their attention then that’s what you will most likely get. Confidence in yourself and what you have to offer, no matter how flawed, shows through and gets results.

You’re the homegirl

Men hang out with you but they see you as one of the guys. They’ll even confide in you about their girlfriend issues but they just don’t see you beyond that. It can be a little confusing because you develop an emotional connection with all the bonding but they still go out and date other people.

Don’t assume that a man who confides in you is interested in you. It may be a start but that isn’t enough to go by. Tactfully probe a little deeper to find out where you stand and if he isn’t serving what you’re having, politely decline.



You feel it should have happened already

Relationships are supposed to just happen, right? Well, not really. You don’t always meet someone you instantly like at the coffee shop or the queue at the bank. Just because your parents, aunts and uncles and even grandparents have great marriages doesn’t mean your partner will come easy. Everything comes at its own time and everyone has a different experience.

In the same breath, you might want to get a little proactive. Do you actively interact with men during social gatherings? No, I don’t mean throwing yourself at them in a desperate way. I mean casual talk, nothing suggestive. The internet is also not a bad place to meet people if you look in the right places and don’t get deterred by all the perverts lurking.

Even if you have never dated before it is still possible to attract a great partner. It is both an art and a science so there are many different ways to go about it. You will have to go through the process of changing your mindset, upping your confidence levels and getting out there. There is a lot to learn but you’ll get there eventually.         

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