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You will not see this one coming, that’s for sure. Most women have heard that something will happen to their boobies when they are pregnant but it should be something great and glorious, right? Well, the glorious comes with the not so glorious in tow. Your breasts will fill out and grow larger (milk factory in the making) but there will be some soreness.

It sort of feels like that moment just before your period when your breasts seem like they will scream at the slightest touch, even your own! Some may even have their nipples becoming larger and tender and cracking even before the breastfeeding has began. You can relieve the discomfort with a few simple remedies.

Tell your partner about it

Constant touching will be a nuisance so tell your man when it hurts. This may not go down well with him (especially because your breasts are larger and more luscious) but at least it will reduce exacerbation of the pain.

Place a warm compress over them

A little warmth will give you some relief so you can use a warm compress on them. A warm bath or shower will also help ease the discomfort.

Get a proper fitting bra

Your cup size will change dramatically during your pregnancy so prepare to get fitted for new bras. A good bra will give you proper support and reduce the pressure on your breasts as well.

The chances of your breasts sagging over time will also reduce since they will be kept firmly in place. You can also get a cotton maternity bra to sleep in at night if letting them loose at night is uncomfortable.

Whenever you exercise make sure you are wearing a proper sports bra. This will keep the strain of the extra weight on your breasts off your breasts. You will also have fewer backaches.

Other changes that you will see are you’re areolas (dark circle around your nipples) will grow darker and larger. They will also develop some bumps (known as Montgomery tubercles, and are actually sweat glands to provide lubrication). The veins on your breasts will also be more visible.

The good news about all this is that this feeling will pass. Once you are done with your first trimester it should reduce and even stop temporarily. As your pregnancy progresses the hormones will be a little balanced so the pain will only come once in a while and it will eventually end with pregnancy.


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