Business mogul, Tonye Cole gifts wife Sylvia a Mercedes SUV on their 23rd Wedding Anniversary

Business mogul Tonye Cole and his wife, Sylvia, are celebrating their 23rd wedding anniversary today.

Tonye splashed some cash on buying his wife a brand new Mercedes SUV, a celebration of the anniversary.

He shared videos and photos of the car gift presentation on his Instagram page with an adorable ode to his wife.

See below:

As we celebrate 23 years together, I want you to know that I have discovered in loving you that my heart is capable of discovering higher levels of love I hitherto never knew possible or existing.

There is much to say but let me share this short ode to you, a public declaration of my love to you.

How much love can love take?

My darling, My sweetheart, My love, My heart

These are but a few names I love to hear,

They fall short, far short of who you are,

But words have always fallen short where you are concerned.

My heartthrob, My beauty, My lovely, My own,

Phrases I love to think of you by.

In moments of aloneness, in lands afar,

My soul is restored by mere recollection of these few words.

My lover, My friend, My confidant, My soul

Descriptions I cherish when thinking of you.

Walking by my side or standing afar off,

I am confident in the knowledge that our love is genuine.

My partner, My companion, My jewel, My pride.

Expressions I adore when thoughts of you abate.

You are forever my love and eternally my life.

 Together we shall be and never to part.

My love, My lover, My loveliest, My Lolita

Nothing can ever take you from me.

In living I die to always be yours,

In dying I live for you alone.

And so I end with a thought in mind

That you have been and are and always will be

The greatest gift of all that God could give.

I love you baby today, tomorrow and forevermore.

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