Businessman and real estate guru, Kennedy Okonkwo and his beautiful wife, Ichechi, celebrate 10th wedding anniversary

Billionaire businessman and real estate guru, Kennedy Okonkwo and his beautiful wife, Ichechi, are marking their 10th wedding anniversary.

The couple shared beautiful new photos to mark the special occasion on his Instagram as Dr Okonkwo wrote

Dear God ,

It’s so unbelievable that it’s already 10years of locking me up with My one and Only @ichechiceo .. We have gone thru heavy fire together and we have come out better refined in the process

We have built a strong union making your word the foundation of our daily life.

My Friend of 13 years has been rock solid championing every vision that you have birthed in me, cheering me on every step of the way.

Dear Lord My heart is filled with Praise over the Adorable kids you have blessed us with.

Nicole will be 10 next year and shes already taking up her role supporting with taking care of her siblings..Ryan and Ivan.

The Empire is growing bigger and waxing stronger with new members of the Tribe joining us.

I thought you gave me just a wife..but I got a Full package in her..A mother , A nurse , A partner and a Girl Friend and Soul mate.

She has insisted I rest more often and the kids are beginning to sound like her.

Father Thank you for bringing her my way for with her your vision for Me To “Make impact” is made easier.

If you give me just one opportunity to make a wish on this special day..I did wish to Marry her in My After Life but hopefully marry her earlier than I did This first Life.

She has made my Life complete and i could never have made a better Choice.

It’s been 10years of Bliss and By your grace The Best years are still ahead of Us.

I am forever grateful for your manifold blessings over us and I pray that your Goodness and Mercy will continue to abide with us all the days of our Lives amen!!

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