What should you buy for First Time Parents?

Bayo Ajibola

The birth of a newborn baby is a life-changing experience, especially for first-time parents. Besides the excitement, there is the anxiety that comes with it. Having a baby is a journey in which close friends and family members are a part of. From baby showers to push presents, gifts and parties are common within the first few months of childbirth.

While gifting first-time parents, it is important to put a little more thought into the gift. First, you want to make sure that you don’t get them something that they already have. Second, your gift needs to be appropriate at that moment. Here are 7 perfect gift ideas for first-time parents:

  1. Sooth shirt – Newborn babies need constant soothing to remain calm. Instead of using wraps, a soothing shirt for the mum provides the much-needed comfort and style to keep your baby close.
  2. Bath time easy kneeler – Bathing a newborn baby needs one to be careful and forgo comfort in order to keep the baby calm. Kneeling is the best position for the parent to be in while bathing their child. Bath time kneelers cushion the parents’ knees and come fitted with pockets to hold everything you need while baby bathing.
  3. Essential kits – These are available for both men and women. They can be used to hold sensitive baby items such as thermometers, pacifiers, molar munchers, nail clippers and so on. The kit can also hold baby monitoring charts to record any relevant information on your baby’s well being.
  4. Diaper bag– When going out, diaper bags are very useful in carrying all a baby needs such as diapers, feeding bottles and extra clothing. They come in different and stylish designs for the new parents to feel confident in their appearance.
  5. Baby coat – Teaching newborns to sleep on their own is something that first-time parents should start early enough. A baby can sleep in the parents’ room but in his baby coat. Not only is it comfortable, but also safe for the child. Sometimes, a playpen can also serve as a baby crib. You just need to rearrange it properly when the child falls asleep.
  6. Baby monitors/sound sensing sleep toys – This tops the list of the most useful baby items. You can get the traditional audio monitors or employ technology and have wireless video and audio monitors in the baby’s room. Sleep sensing toys also monitor the child’s sounds when they awake and play a soothing sound to put them back to sleep.
  7. Heater – Babies need a lot of heat and every parent need to be careful to provide enough heat within the baby’s surroundings. Heaters can be used to keep the baby’s room warm during harsh weather conditions or bath times.


Putting an extra effort into getting the perfect gift goes a long way in expressing your feelings. A good gift is one that is thoughtful and very appropriate for the occasion. It should be durable for a lasting memory with a bit of personal touch into it. First-time parents need a lot of items for their newborn. Whether you get them a parental book or a playpen, make sure it is something they will love and find useful.

Bayo Ajibola

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