I can not bear the thought watching her enjoy all the things I have ever wished for.

Bayo Ajibola

I need to talk to someone about this. I need an honest opinion on this.

I was introduced to this guy some years back by an honest friend. Well, the idea is to see if things will work out. he lives in th UK and I was in Nigeria then. We got talking (like every other normal friend and no strings attached.) After my national service I travelled to Canada for my studies. We still got along well and super as friends, this is after 1 year of knowing. During my stay in Canada, we talked, chatted, skyped. To be honest, he was really caring and nice. He was really a good friend, gave me encouragements and advice when needed and we were just that.

But I noticed from our discussions (cos we really had heart-to-heart discussion) that I am not really the type of girl he can live with (physically). At a point he even persuaded me into introducing him to some of my beautiful friends. Long story cut short, I noticed he would not go for me, so I never bothered hoping that he will ask me out and I took it in extremely good faith, no grudges.

Since 2011 till date, we’ve been good friends and from time to time, he still keeps reminding me to introduce him to any of my good and beautiful friends. Now, I met this girl here, we are pretty close and I am super convinced that she will fit into what he wants (she is beautiful), but now I’m not sure if linking the two of them is a good idea.

Reason: I feel this lady will be on a super advantage compared to me cos this guy has desirable qualities in a mate (caring, loving, handsome, financially comfortable, has a good heart…….) I can’t bear the thought watching her enjoy all the things I have ever wished for. So what do you think.

N/B: I am currently dating a handsome, good, financially comfortable ….guy. But one issue I have with him is that he is not as caring and attention-giving as I need. (I am attention-seeking by nature) So that makes it difficult for me to give away this treasure right under my nose.

Your advice/word/opinion here will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Bayo Ajibola

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