He cheated, she’s pregnant and married

Something major happened in my marriage and I’m not sure if it’ll stand after all this. My husband and I were having some issues and we had a falling out. It was really bad and we separated for a few months. Things eventually cooled down and we agreed to get back together and I moved back in.

During the separation, my husband had an affair. The woman in question was also married but going through a separation from her husband just like he was. She later reconciled with her husband and then we did too. My husband says he asked that we reconcile because he heard I was also having an affair during the separation. That wasn’t true but it leaves me with many questions.

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Did he come back just because he didn’t want me to be with someone else? Isn’t that selfish? Does he actually want and value my presence in his life? Does he even love me? Or maybe he actually didn’t want to lose me? I’m honestly not sure I trust his motives at this point. There’s another major complication too. The lady he had an affair with is pregnant now and it’s his. The lady’s husband has agreed to raise the child as his own and my husband insists that this shouldn’t affect our staying married. He insists I’m still his wife and wants to keep it that way.

I’m really worried about this new development. My husband has tried to reassure me about all of this but I feel very uncertain, unsettled, and insecure about all this confusion. I feel like quitting the marriage. Wouldn’t it be wise to make an exit before it goes too far?

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