Cheating Spouse or me overacting?

Bayo Ajibola

On January 26 2019 I found some purchases made by my husband for his secretary. He said she didn’t have a debit card so he purchased. She paid him back. These were made in November 2018. I was not consulted. Purchases made with my credit card. I confront him. Of course about cheating. Some purchases were made with items engraved with lovely dovey stuff along with a gift for me. He said hers was for a friend of hers. He said he had not cheated. He loved me. Wanted us to be happy together.Three days later he was numb. Didn’t know what he wanted. loved me but didn’t know if he wanted to be with me. Things got bad. He shut down. He hid his phone. Fast forward February.

He can finally tell me he wants to be home and with me. Still doesn’t want to talk about her. I have a bad week out of each month or more. I have yet to see his phone. I explained that is what i needed to move forward. Prove to me there was nothing. He showers me with gifts. Makes a point to show and tell me daily how much he loves me. I feel crazy, lost, ungrateful wife, nagging wife.. I know they have text.

He accidentally sent me a screenshot which had a drop down of an incoming text from her with hearts & heart eye emojis. Probably not about work. He wouldn’t show me that text the day it happened. Our marriage had improved in a lot of ways. I can’t be fully happy because our marriage that one had transparency is full of secrets and unknown passwords. All of this changed once she started in 2018 working for him.

I again asked for the millionth time tonight for his phone. He is too tired and stressed about work to get into tonight. He just wants to lay in bed, watch TV, & love me. I love him more than anything. I don’t know what to do or what to think. I know what my gut has always said. Naijaparents, I need honest opinions. Thank you

Bayo Ajibola

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