Checkout this beautiful three generations photo of Ibidun Ituah-Ighodalo, her mum and daughter

Former beauty queen and businesswoman, Ibidun Ituah-Ighodalo, shared three generations photo featuring her mum, herself and daughter, all looking so pretty.

Sharing the photo on her Instagram page, she captioned it;

”My mum always said that it is the people around you that will hurt you the most .. Be careful of the people who have access to you and whose words mean a lot cos they can make or mar you. Never let anyone make you feel less of who you are… Be careful what you say to people for your word is like an egg once broken you can never take it back. No matter what anyone says or does to you take it to God because He sees your heart, He knows how you truly feel. Let them call you names, judge you and say the nastiest things bout you its okay… you know the truth and so does the Almighty. God bless us all.






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