Chilling Re-enactment of how the 4 Nigerians Condemned in Indonesia will be Killed

Bayo Ajibola
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A local television station in Indonesia has broadcasted a chilling re-enactment of how executions are carried out in Indonesia. It was broadcasted to millions of viewers yesterday and is set to become a brutal reality for the 4 Nigerians involved.

Come Wednesday, April 29th, Nigerians – Martin Anderson, 50, Okwudili Oyatanze, 41, Jamiu Owolabi Abashin, 50, and Silvester Obiekwe Nwolise, 47, will be executed in Indonesia just after the stroke of midnight. They were found guilty of drug trafficking and will be shot to death by a firing squad.

According to DailyMail, the men are expected to be led from their isolated cells in Death Island through a wildly dense tropical forest to a place called Nirbaya – or more appropriately known as Death Valley.

The condemned pair will be given white clothing to wear, which symbolises the afterlife, before beginning their fatal trek and are given the option to be blindfolded with a piece of fabric before facing the firing squad who will be lined up anywhere from five to 10 metres in front of them.

The confronting decisions continue for the death row inmates with the opportunity to choose whether to stand, sit or kneel before a cross is placed over their hearts acting as a target for the 12 riflemen – of which nine will have blanks and only three will have live rounds.

Each prisoner is offered 3 minutes to calm down but if necessary their hands or feet will be tied to a 3m high pole or worse still – a wooden execution chair.

12 marksmen are then ordered to fire at them. And after the shooting, if doctors confirm that there are still sign of life in them, the commander will shoot the inmates in the head.

With barely few hours left till they are killed, in harrowing scenes yesterday, some families of the nine condemned drug smugglers arrived Death Island to pay what’s expected to be a final visit to their loved ones. One of the convicted, Myuran Sukumaran’s sister, Brintha, could not stifle her wails as she made her way through the crowds of people outside the port gates. At one point, DailyMail reports that she collapsed and had to be supported by other family members, including her mother.

Moments later, another convicted, Andrew Chan’s mother Helen arrived outwardly sobbing and had to be carried away from the media scrum as police officers led the family through the crowd.

Sukuraman’s monther (centre)


Sukuraman’s sister

The families were expected to give a press conference this morning but it was cancelled after the chaotic arrival scenes which saw crowds held back by police dogs. Among those saying goodbye to the men is also the new wife of condemned Australian Andrew Chan.

Andrew Chan and now wife Febyanti
Febyanti Herewila married Chan at Besi Prison on Indonesia’s ‘Death Island’, Nusakambangan, on Monday morning surrounded by family and friends in a bittersweet occasion. The Bali Nine ringleader proposed to his girlfriend at Kerobokan Prison in February. The wedding was officiated by Salvation Army minister, David Soper.

Chan’s brother Michael announced the news to reporters, describing the wedding day as tough and happy at the same time.

‘We’d just like to celebrate that with him tomorrow as well so hopefully the president will still show some compassion, some mercy so that these two young people can carry on with their lives,” he said. ‘It’s in the president’s hands.’

Sukumaran indicated through a close friend, that he will choose not to be blindfolded when he faces the firing squad because he wants to look his killers in the eye. The sad pics continue below:
Andrew Chan and Sukumaran

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