Choosing Your Fish Well for Conception

Bayo Ajibola

Choosing Your Fish Well for Conception

Fish has a lot of nutrients that work on boosting heart health as well as brain development. It has been emphasized as one of the major sources of omega-3 fatty acids that encourage both you and your baby to be to develop much better.

It has therefore been included in the diet of every woman who is trying to conceive and is not allergic to seafood. They may be good for your brain but not all of them can be consumed by a pregnant woman or one trying to conceive. Some species contain quite a high amount of mercury that can be toxic to your nervous system. You therefore have to choose carefully what kind of fish is in your frying pan (although grill would be much healthier).

Research on fish

Some fish have more mercury than others and are considered unsafe if you are trying to have a baby. Salmon, shrimp, catfish, sardines and pollack are considered good species to eat at this time.Shark, swordfish, king mackerel and tilefish should be avoided due to their mercury content.

If you keep forgetting what is good and what is not you can download a handbook that contains this information in detail. This will help keep your choices in check during this time because it is of the utmost importance. Anyone who thinks that you are taking it a bit too far is definitely not in your shoes so just let them be and keep referring to that booklet.

12 ounces is good

Fish contains DHA that helps boost brain development and function and protein that builds the baby’s body as well as yours. This does not mean that you have to gorge yourself on fish every waking moment.

A total of about 8 to 12 ounces of fish per week should be able to give you all the nutrients you need to benefit from. You can split it into two or three servings which will allow you to fit fish thrice a week into your diet. That is manageable and not overwhelming since it can get to the point where it becomes a chore rather than a healthy and beneficial meal.

Supplements can work too

There are those that just can’t stomach the taste of fish. It takes them from one kind of nausea to another for whatever reason so suggesting they eat fish may seem more like punishment than something positive.

There are fish oil capsules in the market and they can be used as a substitute. These contain the necessary omega-3s without the fishy taste or smell or the possibility of mercury. There are quite a number of options so ask your practitioner what they would recommend. Vegetarians can use the omega-3 supplements that get their vitamins from algae, which is a natural plant source. DHA eggs, which are obtained by feeding flaxseed to hens that are laying eggs, are fortified with omega-3 and are also a good source.

Omega-3 fatty acids have been found to prevent preeclampsia, preterm labor and also improve your baby’s cognitive abilities and visual functions. Some scientists also say that there is a link between a low amount of DHA and postpartum depression.

The benefits cut across the board and it is therefore something worth considering. Take time to read widely on the different types of fish and then set out to make healthy baby-building meals out of them. You may need to vary the recipes often so that you don’t get bored along the way. Add spices that you love and experiment with new ones to keep your palette alive throughout while receiving the benefits.

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