“Some civilians just want to take advantage of us” – Police woman reveals why she chose to date her colleague

A female Police officer, Tomilola Adekunle, in a chat with Punch, narrated how she lost a relationship when she was in the university after the guy discovered she was a Police officer.

In her words: “While I was in the university, I was in a relationship with a classmate of mine; our relationship was so interesting and lovely that we were the envy of our classmates.

“I’d always cook for him, wash his clothes and clean his house weekly. But as the relationship progressed, I started asking him detailed questions about himself; at some point he complained that I was too inquisitive and he was no longer comfortable with me because of my quest to know him more.”

She said that she then discovered that the then boyfriend had something to hide; she felt betrayed and deeply hurt, but the relationship had to end. She stressed that she is now very careful choosing who to date; as Police women are trained to avoid being entangled with criminals. She said:

“As a Police woman, I have to be very careful before I enter into any relationship because if the man is involved in any illegitimate deal, it can serve as a threat to my job.”

She also disclosed that in the past, she had met some men who always gave flimsy excuses as to why they could not date and marry a Police woman. According to her: “Some of the men I met in the past always complained that they could not date a uniform woman because they don’t obey and always appear domineering.”

However, Ms Adekunle is now in a relationship with her colleague, a Police officer. She said she feels its better this way, and disclosed that she chose to be with him because of the way civilians treated her in past relationships.

She stated: “Some civilians just want to take advantage of us; some of them are opportunists.”

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