College Life for a Single Mum

Bayo Ajibola

Being a single parent in itself is not easy; being a single mom in college is harder than anyone can imagine. College is a time of self-discovery, a time to make mistakes and learn from them. It is a time to be silly, wild and carefree. Everyone looks forward to enjoying their college years in the best way possible. This fun can be short lived when you get pregnant while in college or right before joining college.

While most people interpret having a baby while still in college a mistake, there are single mothers who have fully embraced the status and are working hard to achieve something meaningful out of their ‘mistake’. Being in college as a single mum requires a lot of sacrifices and effort to be able to play both parental and student roles successfully.

This is what to expect as a single mum in college.

  1. You will have few friends – Not all college students will be welcoming of the fact that you are a mother. This is okay and totally fine. Do not be disappointed when other students shy off from befriending you just because you are a mum. Instead be happy and focus on the few friends that you have. Create meaningful relationships with them that will blossom even beyond college.
  2. Your social life will not be as active – While other college girls your age can mingle actively and attend college parties and events without limitations, your social life will be a bit limited. You will probably only be able to attend a few college events if any since you have to play the role of a parent after classes. Although you will miss out on all the fun, it will be much worse to miss out on being a parent chasing the so-called college hype.
  3. Inactive dating life – There is still is a stigma surrounding single mothers in college. The society will judge you harshly on your choices. Ultimately, finding a proper date in college will be a task of its own. Many dates will scamper as soon as you mention a child and others will not dare approach you all together. While other girls will be jumping from one date to another, you will probably be watching cartoons or playing with your child in your free time.
  4. Super time management skills – With limited time to juggle between school and parenthood, you will need to good at managing your time in order to play both roles successfully. Creating a schedule that works and adhering to it goes a long way to help you make the best use of your time. Remember you need to be a dedicated parent as much as you are a student. You also need to maintain your grades and probably get a part-time job to cater for your child’s needs. All these goes to say, you will not be able to afford the luxury of spontaneity.


Having a baby should not stop you from chasing your dreams. In fact, as a single mum, derive strength and motivation from your child to work towards your dream. Having a baby is the greatest responsibility you can bear one which is equally fulfilling. Do college with zeal and determination for you and your child. It is doable, it is achievable.

Bayo Ajibola

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