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Common 'mistakes' new parents make

Parenting is one job where you just have to learn on the job no matter how much advice you have received from books and people alike. Most new parents actually feel like they are messing it all up and deserve to be punished. Take heart dear because everyone goes through that phase and it gets easier because you will have amassed some experience. When the following happen go easy on yourself and worktowards making it better.

Listening to everyone

On your first baby everyone will have an opinion. Your mother, mother-in-law, neighbors and even total strangers become very willing to dish out advice whether solicited or otherwise. You spend the most time with your baby so it is safe to say that you would know them better. Trust your instincts.

Imagining your schedule will be followed to the letter

Thebaby will wake up early, sleep late and refuse to eat at times. All your other chores need to get done but your baby wants to breastfeed. It can get crazy before you all get into some sort of routine but it will come. Most babies gain comfort from routine so keep trying until they get it.

Baby speak

Babies learn to speak from you so when you also go ‘goo-goo gaga’ with them they take a little longer to form real words.Speak to them as you would anyone else and they learn the right things. Throwing in the baby talk every once in a while isn’t going to drastically hamper their speech though since they enjoy funny noises.

Putting yourself last

You want to make sure the baby is fed, bathed, changed and comfortable at all times. After that you clean up after yourself and the baby and you could even forget to eat! This doesn’t do you any good because you need food for energy. Take some time away from the baby and go for a walk and get your hair done.

Feeling good about yourself will greatly impact how you raise your child and handle everything else so make time to make yourself look and feel great.

Not giving your spouse enough attention

Before this baby came there was your marriage or relationship. Raising a child is a lot of work and you can easily give minimal attention to your spouse without even realizing it. Make a conscious effort to keep the flames burning in your marriage before they fizzle out. That way, your spouse will not develop a detachment or even dislike for the baby since they are now taking their place as number one.

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