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Common Symptoms of Menopause and How to Treat Them

SYMPTOMS OF MENOPAUSE. Menopause is the period during which a woman entirely stops receiving her menstrual period. The conclusion is made if a whole year (12 months) has gone by without her seeing her period. Menopause is a normal phase of womanhood and comes at different times for different women depending on their lifestyle, health state or genetic factors.

There are specific symptoms that you will experience at the onset of menopause. These are what will be used to give a diagnosis. Most of these changes are caused by hormonal imbalances. They may continue to fluctuate until the periods finally come to a stop. This period is known as perimenopause.

Mood swings

You know what it feels like to have PMS? Increase the intensity a little more and that is what you experience with mood swings in menopause. There is less production of estrogen and therefore the neurotransmitters that cause hormonal balance also reduce. This causes the sudden anger then happiness and so forth.

Changing some aspects of your lifestyle, including your thoughts, what you eat and exercise will help. Medication can also help but let it be under supervision and prescription of a doctor.

Hot flashes

These are the sensation of sudden warmth spreading over certain areas of the body. The effect is a little redness on the cheeks and the upper body. The intensity can vary from slight heat to raging flames.

You can make this better by dressing lightly and choosing your fabrics well. Natural fabrics like cotton and wool will allow cool air to hit your skin and cool you off a bit.

Irregular periods

The length of your periods may become either shorter or longer; they may come early or late; they may be heavier or lighter. You could also have a little spotting between your periods.

Lower libido

This can be very distressing especially if you were used to regular sex. It is caused by a reduction in androgen. It could also be because of other symptoms like depression and vaginal dryness.

Talk to your partner about it so that you can find out how to work around it. You will still need some extra TLC to keep you feeling better about yourself during this period.

Vaginal dryness

The vaginal tissue becomes dry, thin and less elastic with a decrease in hormones and this could cause some irritation. Sex can become very painful due to lack of lubrication.

This can be sorted with some water based lubricants that will not irritate your reproductive system any further. You can continue enjoying more action though you and your partner may have to do a little extra.

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