How Companies Can Support New Parents

Bayo Ajibola

How can you be of Help to New ParentsNew parents all over the world struggle with juggling both a career and their families. Conventionally, the arrival of a new member to the family, usually affected the mother the most. Some mothers would want to stay home and take care of the child but have to work in order to supplement the household income.

Other mothers wish to work but worry over trusting someone else with their child. However, in modern day, the challenges that come with caring for a newborn, also affect fathers. So how can you help out new parents? Here are some of the ways that an employer can help an employee who is a new parent.

Provide flexibility

This may be quite unbelievable, but a salary is not the most important benefit for your employees. Studies show that most employees rate flexibility as more important than salary. As an employer, you would see flexibility as an opening for your employee to slack off, but parents who worry less about their children can concentrate more on their work.

Flexibility allows employees to complete work in a way that is most productive for them. A new parent may prefer to come to work early and leave earlier or come in late and leave later. Work out a plan with ground rules and you will have helped a new parent.

Put in place a stress management program

Prolonged stress is detrimental to anyone. Working parents who go home to deal with even more stress may be fighting harder to stay motivated and healthy than you think. Most people do not have the resources and tools required to handle stress.

Stress relieving benefits do not have to be outlandish or costly. Provide your employees with breaks from work every now and again. During these breaks, they can run errands, take walks or even visit their kids at home if they do not live far away from the workplace.

Parental leave

Offering your employees parental leave is a great way to show them that you value them and are supportive of their parental duties. Knowing leave policies are in place makes your employees know that you care for them individually and not just as part of the company wheel.

Guide them through the leave process, offer your assistance and an ear for any concerns or questions. Assure them that their job will be waiting when they are ready to return.

Paid time off

Most employers do not have financial provisions for parental leave or maternity leave. As an employer, you need to allow your employees to take time off work to attend to a sick child or just be there for them. You need to pay them as well for the time they are off work.

This allows them to focus on their child while they are away from work without having to worry about missing pay or any other consequences. Although paid time off and parental leaves give employees more time out of the office, better leave policies will keep them motivated and ready to return to work after handling their issues.

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Bayo Ajibola

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