Corona Virus Lock Down: My Struggle With Temptation-Pt 1!

Bayo Ajibola

Please i want you to hide my Identity. I feel very bad in regards to what has happened. I live and share an apartment with my cousin from my father’s side. He took a trip to Germany since early February.

At the beginning of March when Universities were closed down,my cousin’s girlfriend who is in her final year at Unilag came to stay with us although my cousin wasn’t around. Her family is in the north. Probably they felt the school closure will be temporal,therefore there woiuld not be necessity for her to travel back to the north.

It was big fun having her around because that means I get to eat when I got back from work. We occassionally just buy suya and watch netflix and chill. My cousin’s younger sister is likewise in our house,so its not like its just the two of us. We were doing very good. Regrettably,when they closed airports and stopped flights into Nigeria,my cousin got stranded in Germany.

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Because of the spread of the virus,everybody is really on the edge. I started working from home this Monday because my office asked most of us to work remotely. Never ever in my wildest dream would I imagine what happened to me on Tuesday night, I was in my room,watching a series when my cousin’s girl came in . She joined me and we watched the series till 3 in the morning.

She afterward said she would sleep in my room because she was feeling alone in her own room. I told her to go to my little cousin’s room but she claimed that the girl sleeps very roughly. I said alright,I would sleep in the lounge then. This girl asked me why: that am I afraid of her. She sounded like she was daring me.

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In essence,she was teasing me that I am afraid I would be tempted if we both sleep in the same room. I said to her,even if we did sleep in the same bed,nothing would take place because she is my cousin’s girl. I went to the lounge to sleep and she came to me again there. She laid on me and was patting me.

I got up and I was struggling not to shout so as not to wake up my cousin sleeping in the next room. I kept pushing her away but she kept working on me. I finally managed to pushed her off and went outside even though it was pitch dark.

Sitting out there,all sorts of thought was going through my head: was this girl planning to set me up or what. I was extremely frustrated but I stayed outside until around 5.30am. I went back in and this girl was already crying and pleading with me to forgive her that she was very horny…bla bla bla. I told her it was alright.

….to be continued

Bayo Ajibola

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