Corona Virus Lock Down: My Struggle With Temptation-Pt 2!

Bayo Ajibola

If you missed Part 1 of this story. Please click here to read it.

Part 2.

She became very hysterical and began to pack her belongings. I sent my cousin a text to inform him that his chick was leaving. He wanted to know why,I claimed I dont know. When he phoned her,she told him that she offended me and since then she nollonger feel confortable around me hence she wants to leave. This lady is very bad. She didn’t let him know what she did..but but rather told him that she insulted me out of anger therefore she would like to leave because she doesn’t feel comfortable with me any longer.

I told my cousin that I have forgiven her and there is absolutely no need for her to leave. All through that day,she didn’t speak to me. It was embarrassing. My little cousin even noticed it. I chose to remain in my room all day. Later in the day,she made rice and brought mine inside my room. I thanked her and she said if I truly forgave her..I should allow her to stay for a while in my room,simply to gist.

I told her,I did am not pursuing you…feel free. She started to gist while I ate.She discussed the corona virus,school…not long soon after,we were laughing. She then said she was sorry again for last night. That she only did that because she has seen how big my thing is and has always imagined what it looked like. I was like:what…how did you see that…she said she always checked me out when I wasn’t looking.

The gist slowly became about girls and their love for big dicks. She was stroking my ego. I obliged her when she said she wanted to see it. And my big friend was really feeling naughty when I showed her. She knew her game very well. She told me what if she was breaking up with my cousin,would I allow her…I said…well…yes.

This girl straight away said she will break up with him. That oddly turned me on. She fondled me and my head was saying run however my thing was saying do it. I threw caution to the wind and f*cked this girl. Well,she is a slut as far as i am concern anyway and I was done trying to be the good guy.

She spent the whole night with me. The next morning being Thursday, we went our normal ways like nothing happened. Right up until my little cousin went to visit her friend across the street in the afternoon,this girl came again ..she never tires. In between,she would called my cousin and told him how much she misses him and I asked her how she is capable of being so cold hearted,to sleep with his cousin yet still inform him she misses him.

One thing is certain:my cousin simply cannot marry this girl. At least not with with what I know about her. But I am done sleeping with her. I might have made an error in judgment but I don’t want her to pull me down to hell with her. As it is,I honestly can’t control myself around her. So,its either I vacate the house or she leaves….

If she leaves,my cousin might be upset thinking I am quarreling with his girl again but I also cannot leave because of my little cousin,she is only 15. I could choose to hang out with a few of my friends but leaving two girls alone in the house is not good. I dont even know why there are girls like this…she will damage my relationship with my cousin…what do I do to get rid of her…

Lastnight…I went to my room and locked the door. Sounds insane but that is how scared I am…how do I get rid of this girl…this is crazy and she is insane. She called me repeatedly last night. When I did not pick. She sent me a text message and said she will leave on Friday morning only if i allowd her come into my room again. I did not reply.

I just pray she does not lie against me…I know for a sure,I couldn’t allow her destroy my relationship with my cousin. I am so sorry for my actions…how do I get rid of this girl and make things right ?

If you missed Part 1 of this story. Please click here to read it.

Bayo Ajibola

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