Could he really be a murderer?

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I have been in a relationship for two and a half years with this great guy. We work in the same town so we get to see each other often and enjoy each other’s company. He was on leave from work for the past three weeks and he decided to travel to the village for about a week and a half. We’ve been talking all through even though not as much as we usually do. I presumed he was busy and I let him catch up with his parents and such.

He came back five days ago but we didn’t manage to see each other immediately he got back since he went straight to his house without even telling me he was going. I called him in the evening after work and I jokingly asked him whether he hadn’t missed me after all those days apart but he simply said he was tired and he’d look for me in two days once he settles down. The day came and I waited for his call after work but nothing happened. I eventually went home when I realized it was getting late.

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He called a little later saying he’d been delayed at work and we would meet the next day. I was annoyed and asked him why he couldn’t just have sent a text or something when he realized he was running late. All I wanted was to see him and since he was on his way home already, I asked him to come to my place instead since he was around my neighborhood at the time. He refused, saying he wasn’t ready to meet me that day. I was shocked honestly since it didn’t make sense. This is someone I spent most of my free time with so I couldn’t get why he was avoiding me. I asked him why he would treat me like that and he just said he wasn’t dying and I should therefore wait for the next day. I kept pushing and he told me to stop acting desperate and he hang up on me. He switched his phone off immediately after that and my calls went to voicemail.

I called him again the next day around mid-morning and he said I was pressuring him about this meeting but he wasn’t in any shape to see me. He said I should stay away from him but if we do meet, I should just pretend he’s not there. He added that he’s not focused on the relationship anymore and I should do the same. It was perplexing and I told him we need to sit and talk so he can explain what’s going on and what I had done to trigger this response. His response here shocked me. He said I should keep away from him if I love my life and if I kept pushing for a sit-down then I should be ready to die. He said he would kill me and himself and he wasn’t afraid to die. That caught me off guard and I just told him I would avoid him and I hang up. We haven’t spoken since then and it’s been a week now.

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Now, what could I have possibly done to warrant death? Was I wrong to miss my boyfriend and ask to see him? Why would someone respond to love with death threats? Would he really do it? My heart is broken and I’m scared but I’m also scared for him because it’s not like him. Is there a way I can help him maybe? This doesn’t feel normal at all.

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