Court dissolves 25-year-old marriage over threat to life

The 25-year-old marriage between Idris Balogun and his wife, Abosede has been disolved by an Orile Agege Customary Court in Lagos on Thursday, over threat to life and lack of love.

The Court President, Mr P. A Williams, held that the marriage had broken down irretrievably and had no choice but to dissolve the union.

Williams said the children should remain in their mother’s custody until the Ikeja Family Court says otherwise.

Idris should pay N350,000 into Abosede’s account to enable her to settle down, ” he said.

He added that they should maintain the peace at all times.

The husband, Idris, had on July 18, 2017 approached the court seeking dissolution of his marriage over threat to life, lack of love and lack of respect.

He urged the court to dissolve his loveless marriage and grant him custody of their two children of ages 17 and 22.

The wife, Abosede, denied the petitioner’s allegations, saying “he is the one that has all the faults.

“He does rituals he once brought a ram to the house to slaughter at midnight. I don’t feel safe living with him.

“I once caught my husband at midnight covering one of our children, who is physically challenged with a white cloth.

“I threw the cloth away and burnt it and he fought me because of it.

“There was a day my husband and his brother brought a ram to the house, they waited until midnight before they slaughtered it, I was watching through the window.

“They hung the ram in our compound for days,” she said.

Abosede said she was not opposed to the dissolution of the marriage because her husband’s behaviour changed shortly after their marriage.

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