Craving Intimacy: The Struggle of Loving an Asexual Partner.

Bayo Ajibola

Our love story took root five years ago, blossoming from two years of delightful courtship. It seemed like a fairytale until that unexpected moment arrived, shattering my perception of our happiness. Amidst tears, she confessed a truth she had hidden for so long – her asexuality and lack of romantic affection.

For years, she had donned a facade, feigning desire and affection in a bid to preserve what we shared. She professed love, but intimacy remained an enigma she couldn’t unravel. Her honesty was both a revelation and a barrier, and it tested the bounds of my devotion.

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At the outset, her willingness to bridge the gap was inspiring. Despite her disinterest in physicality, she sought to please me, to make me feel cherished. Yet, as time trickled by, those sparks dwindled, leaving a void. The intimacy we once shared became a distant memory.

As we navigated the intricate path of our relationship, her emotional warmth waned. The sweetness that once defined us eroded, replaced by an unsettling chill. She confessed that her prior displays of affection were a mask, worn because society deemed it fitting. The truth, raw and unfiltered, cut deeper than I could have imagined.

I offered the suggestion that perhaps there were underlying psychological nuances at play. Her reaction was a fierce defense of her identity, an assertion that her disposition was simply a part of who she was. I respected her authenticity, but my heart grappled with the chasm that grew between us.

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Now, we exist as mere cohabitants, locked in a delicate dance of routine. Our interactions are confined to a perfunctory kiss, a mere shadow of the connection we once had. The yearning for genuine affection, for the warmth of an embrace and the electricity of a true kiss, has become an ache I can no longer ignore.

The crossroads I stand at are heart-wrenching. Love, still strong, contends with the primal need for connection. The prospect of parting ways looms, but the tether of history, shared experiences, and profound care anchors me to her. The thought of a life without her is agonizing, but equally daunting is the idea of sacrificing my own needs and desires.

In this conundrum, empathy and compassion intertwine with personal yearnings. She remains true to herself, and I honor that, even as I grapple with my own wants. A decision awaits, one that will shape both our paths, urging us to confront the complexity of love and identity.

Bayo Ajibola

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