Why Dad’s should Date their Daughter’s First

Bayo Ajibola
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Dads are the first significant male figures in their daughter’s lives. They play a huge role in shaping their daughter’s lives especially their perception of men. Being present in your daughter’s life and actively dating her ensures she grows up secure and confident with other male figures around her. Plan for coffee dates, movies, father-daughter dance and appropriately dress up for the occasion. These may seem insignificant or unnecessary but do have a profound long-term effect on your daughter’s life.

These are 5 top reasons for dads to date their daughters:

  1. Be her first love – Dads play an important role in their daughter’s love life. From an early age, daughters can feel their father’s love or lack of it and understand it more as they grow up. In case they lacked a fathers love when growing up, they will tend to fill the void by engaging in illicit relations such as dating older men.
  2. Set their dating standards – It is said that daughters look after their father’s qualities in the men they date. Being a good father and a perfect gentleman around your daughter helps them become aware on how they should be treated. This helps them make good choices in the men they date.
  3. Make them feel special and appreciated – Every woman, young or old loves a little pamper and treat from time to time. Dating your daughter ensures she feels special and does not crave unnecessary attention from other men in order to feel good about herself. This restricts your daughter in being party to illicit affairs just to feel special.
  4. Get to know more about them – Spending time with your daughter is the easiest way for a dad to find out more about their little angels. A coffee date, dinner, movies or game night brings out the best qualities in your daughter ones which you did not know about. It is also an eye-opener to things that enjoy most in life such as music, art, food and much more.
  5. Guide them on their relationships with other men – Dads need to teach their daughters the kind of treatment they should demand from men. They should show them how a serious man does right by his woman and what to expect from the men they date. Girls who have had little or no daddy guidance in relationships are more likely to settle and accept mediocrity since they do not know what to expect. Being a dating dad not only shields your daughter from making such mistakes in life but also gives you a peace of mind knowing she can make a sound choice based on what you taught her.


Daughters raised by present dads turn out to be secure in their relations with other men. They relate better and are more likely to make sound decisions in choosing their life partners. They do need constant reassurance from the male figures around them as they are getting enough of this from their fathers. Every dad needs to date their daughter from an early age to build a strong father-daughter relationship which will be very useful as she gets older.

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