Daughter walked in on me and my husband having sex. Things have been super strange ever since.

Bayo Ajibola

Anyway, as we where preforming the nightly ritual. My husband turned his head, shouted “fuckfuckfuckfuck” and hopped out of bed and dashed for the hallway frame of which our daughter was standing, grabbed her and put her outside and raced back in. Our room is a little weird, there’s a kinda long hallway from the door to the physical bedroom so we didn’t even notice that the door was open and she was standing there.

We put back on our cloths, had a laugh, and brought her downstairs because we knew it’d be time for a talk. We sat her down at the dining room table and let her ask any questions she had. She seemed ok at the time just a little confused. We talked about how the sex your going to hear about mostly is between a man and a woman but daddy and I have sex a little differently. Didn’t go into any detail just wanted to clear up any confusion. She disclosed that she had watched for a bit.

The next day and she was giving both of us the silent treatment at breakfast and we thought it’d just resolve itself until I got a call from the schools principal. Both of us are home at the moment for both of our office jobs are practicing social distancing due to coronavirus so when we got the call we thought it’d be best to pick her up.

Basically what she said was that the teacher couldn’t get our daughter to do anything or say anything. She refused to eat her lunch and she refused to go outside for recess. At this point I’m like “well damn this is going to be a whole thing.” We picked her up and sat her down again. We tried to clear up anymore confusion but she said very little. I thought it’d be best to call the principal and briefly explain what’s happening, it was incredibly embarrassing.

It’s now Sunday and she hasn’t spoken much since Wednesday. Her school says she hasn’t shown any improvement and sent her to speak with the counselor. Her school is likely to close on the 30th and I’m assuming we won’t have access to the service counselings provides. I’m honestly worried, I’m starting to think this won’t just blow over.

Do we need to seek therapy or family counseling?I always assumed the sex talk would come around when she was a bit older and could understand certain things easier. My husband suggested we say we weren’t doing anything and she might have not known what she saw, but I don’t want to lie to her and convince her that her mind is playing tricks on her. I just honestly need some raw parenting advice, has this kind of thing happened to any of you guys?

Bayo Ajibola

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