Deadbeat baby daddy wants my son

I need advice on this matter please before I descend on this deadbeat man that wants to ruin my family. I’m married to a great woman and I love her. She was a single mother with a four-month old baby when we met. We dated for a while and eventually got married and we now have another child together.

I vowed to always be a good father to our children and I have always treated our eldest like my own biological son. I’m not blind to the fact that people can discriminate against children born outside a union so I didn’t tell anyone else that he isn’t my biological son. I didn’t want to give anyone an opportunity to treat him like an outcast. We even named him after my father.

Baby daddy resurfaced

The problem is the baby daddy recently resurfaced from God knows where and is demanding access to his son plus custody. This guy broke up with my wife and didn’t provide any form of financial support, let alone emotional. He just went quiet as though they didn’t exist and then he shows up three years later to claim the son he left behind?

It feels like he’s on a revenge mission since my wife left him because of his infidelity and his lying ways. This couldn’t possibly be for our son’s welfare. He is just here to cause chaos and break my family apart. I feel like the only way to win would be to do away with him. I can’t just stay in the sidelines and watch this man take my son away. I have provided and protected like a father should and I’m not about to let anyone take that away from me. Giving the child back to him isn’t an option.

I would like to find out what else, apart from killing, I can do to this guy that’s trying to come between my family and I. I’d much rather go to jail protecting my family than watch this fool make it fall apart.

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