Dele Momodu- I Support Buhari Because We Have Tried Jonathan With Little Or No Result

Bayo Ajibola


Nigeria’s leading publisher, Dele Momodu was recently interviewed at his London home by the publisher of City People Magazine, Seye Kehinde, where he explained why he is supporting Buhari and why Nigerians should give APC a chance and not PDP again.

Some pro-Jonathan have accused you of being in favour of Buhari. Why did you take sides?

Simple. I have always been a member of opposition. So, naturally I will support opposition. But I am not a card carrying member of APC. And I am not in PDP. But my sympathy goes towards opposition.

Number two is the realisation after my own contest I now understand better the factors that can affect Nigeria either positively or negatively. I believe PDP, having been there for 16 years, and not much to show for it, but with plenty of money gone down the drain, we should be able to tell them that we can change them when they underperform. So it’s not just about liking Buhari.

In my own case I am supporting Buhari because I have tried Jonathan, I have seen that he has been there for so many and he should have made better impact, though his people will have us believe he is the best President Nigeria ever had. I won’t argue about that. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I see Buhari as a rallying point at this moment. Nigeria needs a father figure. I didn’t believe a day will come that I will campaign for Buhari. We all use to see him as one of the dictators who ruled Nigeria in those days.

But then, the reality on ground is that we have only 2 options between Jonathan and Buhari and since I am a member of opposition so who ever they bring in opposition so who ever they bring in opposition I must accept.

I also don’t believe Buhari is so bad that I can’t accept him. Despite whatever you want to say about him, I think he is a very disciplined man. I think he is a man that out of the respect we have for him and the trust that people have for him we would be able to look up to him to give us a new direction. I support Buhari and I will continue to support him. I am a volunteer. I hope he will win.

Bayo Ajibola

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