Men migraines and sexual problems.

Men migraines and sexual problems. Being able to have a healthy sex life is just as important for both men and women as general wellbeing. But lifestyle changes, age, and other environmental factors result in a variety of issues that could affect your time between the sheets.

Of course, there are several ways to tackle disorders relating to sexual health but it also helps if you can keep an eye out for other indications.

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For example, did you know that men who suffer from migraines are more likely to experience sexual problems?

If you are a man that experiences migraine attacks, you can understand how those intense headaches impact the quality of your life in so many ways. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that migraines can have an impact on your sex life too.

While it is known that women are three times more likely to suffer from migraines than men, research has shown that those men that suffer from migraines usually have a higher level of estrogen – the female sex hormone – in their bodies. These same men have also been found to have symptoms related to low testosterone – the male sex hormone – in their bodies as well.

As you may already be aware, testosterone plays a major role in getting and maintaining an erection, as well as stamina in men. Therefore lower testosterone levels mean the man is more likely to suffer from sexual problems like weak erections and lower energy.

It has become well known that the presence of estrogen plays a role in the appearance of migraines in women as well as influencing how severe the migraine is. And now studies have discovered that the hormone could be to blame for men suffering migraines as well. What scientists discovered was that men who had a higher ratio of female to male sex hormones – that is, higher estrogen and lower or same level of testosterone as normal men – were more at risk of suffering migraines. 

And these same men were also found to experience issues with their moods, sexual function, and their energy levels, which are all symptoms of having low testosterone – even if tests showed their testosterone levels to be normal.

If you are wondering what a migraine feels like, well, it’s really hard to describe unless you’ve experienced it yourself. But what you should know is that it usually affects either the right or the left side of the head, most especially the temple but can occur around your eye or at the back of your head. How severe the pain is ranges from moderate to severe, and can feel anything from a steady throb to a piercing-like sharpness.

Migraine attacks tend to happen in the evenings or in the night and more often than not, they first show warning signs like changes in your appetite, loss of energy or changes to your mood accompanied by vomiting or light and sound sensitivity.

As studies have found that estrogen has a hand in this, men are not off the hook because they produce the hormone too. To really determine the relationship between migraines and sexual problems in men, a small test was carried out on over 5000 men.


The study compared men who had an average of 3 migraines per month with men who didn’t experience migraines. The scientists measured the estradiol – a form of estrogen – and testosterone in each of the participants. First, they took blood samples from the men with migraines both on days they experienced migraines and on days that they didn’t.

After taking all other possible causes of sexual dysfunction into consideration the scientists discovered was that the men experiencing migraines had 41% more estrogen than the men that didn’t. They also discovered – in a separate test – that the men suffering from migraines were almost twice as likely to experience erectile dysfunction when compared to the men that did not suffer from migraines, not to mention those that experienced both anxiety and migraines were even more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Studies have also shown that men who suffer from migraines are at a higher risk of developing conditions like high blood pressure, depression, diabetes, anxiety, chronic kidney disease and so on. Not to mention the incidence of erectile dysfunction or other sexual problems has been strongly associated with those health problems, which means that men that are suffering from one or more of these health issues are at a higher risk of developing sexual problems.

So basically, having poor health increases the occurrence of migraines and those same health conditions are also linked to sexual problems.

It has been found that migraines are also linked to low sex drive resulting in personal distress in men, which further worsens the sexual issue.

There is also the fact that experiencing migraines sometimes lead to anxiety and depression which factor into sexual satisfaction. To make matters worse, some medications you use to treat the migraines can also affect your sex life.Men migraines and sexual problems.

Also, when you experience a migraine, it can be extremely painful which actually worsens a sexual problem, especially if you attempt to engage in sexual activity during an attack.

If you look at this another way, its been reported that having sex can both help to ease and delay your recovery from a migraine attack, though that depends on the person. Weird right?

How that works is, for some people, those chemicals their brains release during sex might help them feel better from a migraine; but for some other people? The act of sex actually spikes their blood pressure resulting in the dilation of their blood vessels which leads to a migraine attack. So its bye bye sex for that person, for that day.

So if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction or other sexual problems and you frequently experience migraines, chances are it’s your migraines that put you at risk.

Therefore, being able to determine the triggers of your migraine is important in addressing your sexual problems.

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