‘I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant’: Woman Amazed At Baby Boy’s Arrival

Bayo Ajibola
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Nine months and one day after the birth of her first child, a Littleton woman all of a sudden delivered a baby boy.

Amy Littlefield, 25, didn’t have pregnancy symptoms. She was still breastfeeding her new baby girl.

“I woke up the morning of Sept. 14, his birthday, with lower abdomen pain,” said Littlefield. “I knew something was really wrong so I called my mom and said ‘Hey, I think I need to go to the hospital something’s happening.’ We have a family history of ovarian cysts rupturing after birth.”

Amy was sure that was the cause of the pain so she went to the walk-in ER at Swedish Medical Center. That’s when the staff informed her she was five months pregnant.

“I thought he was joking. I said, ‘No, no I’m not.’ I said, ‘I’m not pregnant.’”
“Little Cayden… we weren’t quite prepared for what we were going to see when we walked in we thought we were taking care of just mom and didn’t get the information until we walked into the room. He was laying there screaming having a very difficult time breathing but the Swedish Southwest team did a great job keeping him warm and dry,” said AirLife Flight Nurse Jared Hedden.

Bayo Ajibola

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