Divorce/Break Up: 5 Factors That May End Your Relationship

The end of a relationship is a moment that involves the most diverse emotions. It is common for people to feel sad, sensitive, and frustrated after a breakup. After all, this is a situation that indicates a major change in life and usually, we were not prepared to face it.

At times like this, the help of a psychologist can be essential to fully overcome. When we are in a relationship, whether it is dating or marriage, we usually make plans for the future, idealize situations, and create expectations. Then, with the end, all these dreams go down the drain, and are replaced by another thought: what did I do wrong? 

Not always did one of the partners make a mistake that caused the relationship to end. What can happen is an incompatibility of wills, goals, and ways of living. Other factors that may lead to the end of a relationship include:

1. Betrayal 

This is usually a major and heartbreaking reason for most breakups. There may be two situations: an occasional slip (like a kiss or single sexual relationship, with no interest in continuity with another person) or a long relationship (several encounters, sexual relations, and in some cases, even children). 

It is part of the individuality of the couple to decide what to do in the face of it. Some couples manage to overcome the problem and reconcile. But often, betrayal is the reason for the end of the relationship.

2. Different lives

When the couple started the relationship, their life and routine probably fit together. However, over time, jobs have changed, hobbies, leisure, and kids are born. 

With these changes, couples realize that their ways of living are no longer compatible, and each one follows a completely individual life. 

This change in lifestyle, hobbies, interests, goals, and values tends to bring up issues which if not probably handled, may lead to divorce. 

3. Interest outside the relationship

In this case, one of the couples is interested in another person outside the relationship. It may be a friend, co-worker, or acquaintance and he or she steals love and attention. When this happens, there is no more desire to continue the relationship.

4. End of attraction 

Attraction whether physical, emotional, or mental plays a crucial role in love, relationship, and marriage. After a while in marriage, the routine begins to repeat itself. The passion at the beginning is no longer the same, the rush of the day causes the couple to put aside their intimate moments, and gradually, sexual attraction fades. 

When the couple sees each other only as a friend, it is a sign that there is no more sexual interest and it is not possible to maintain a relationship in this way.

In such a situation, it may even be valid to seek the help of a psychologist and try a couple of therapy to find out if it is possible to reestablish the flame of the relationship or if the best way out for their happiness is to break up.

5. Intolerance 

Intolerance is a result of built-up issues. With time it grows and births many problems. Everything the partner does starts to irritate: the voice, the way of talking, the games, the attitudes. You no longer have the desire to talk, the patience to deal with each other, nor the desire to be together.

When this happens, it is a sign that dissatisfaction with the relationship has reached a point where it is no longer possible to continue with dating or marriage.

Anyone who goes through any of the situations described above probably thinks about whether it is the right time to end a relationship or has already decided to end it.

Each couple has its history, characteristics, and individualities and, therefore, there are no rules and neither right nor wrong when it comes to the end of a relationship. 

Whether you will remain friends, if you will never see each other again, whether you will maintain respect or hate yourself, it all depends a lot on the situation and the way that each one was impacted by the relationship.

You need to note that the end of a relationship does not mean the end of happiness either, as couples happen to resume or find joy in a new person and have a good life.

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