Divorce in Marriages: 9 Ways to Save Your Marriage

Recently, divorce is quite common among couples irrespective of age and how long they have been married. Marriages no longer last as long as they used to in the olden days. When you hear that a couple just got a divorce, it no longer sounds like a big deal. Why? Because they are not the first couples to get a divorce neither are they going to be the last. 

One way or the other, these acts gently get into people’s subconscious and they grow to accept and see divorce as nothing. Because of these, many couples no longer try to fight for their marriage through various means. This article elaborates on 10 ways you can save your marriage from divorce and get back back to that blissful union you had. 

1. Hand the situation over to God

Situations like these are not beyond God. You should first surrender to him in prayers and make known to him the situation of things in your home. When we put situations like this in the hands of our God, He comes to our aid. You just need to search for him through prayer and studying His word. Hand this situation over to God and He will act on your marriage. Make him the main point of your love triangle. Allow him to connect you and your spouse and live by his words. 

2. Give priority to the family

Putting the family at the top of your life is indispensable. It is much easier to clear a schedule with the family than with friends or other activities. We cannot reverse the values. Putting our family first is for sure a tip to save your marriage from divorce. Make it a point of duty to spend time with your family irrespective of work or other engagements. It serves as a time for a strong connection.

3. Talk to your loved one

Dialogue is one of the main tools to keep your marriage alive. Whoever doesn’t talk is probably letting their relationship die. Dialogue is necessary for one to understand the other. Know which points are not going well. Which situations have to be changed and where each one of you is going wrong. Apologize if need be and ensure corrections are made. 

4. Be understanding

Many times, you need to understand that your spouse isn’t in a good mood and he or she is probably going through a lot. Do not add to their already existing problems, instead help them overcome their challenges. Be their support system and lend a helping hand in whichever way you can. 

In the context of fights, it is very common for people to become incomprehensible in certain attitudes. But the act of understanding what your spouse is going through will make you solve many things in the best possible way. Try to understand your loved one before you judge, it saves marriages.

5. Be humble

Humility is a very important virtue in every marriage and relationship. Every spouse, both husband, and wife should be humble irrespective of their earnings or social status. Quarrels often arise because of pride. If you are realizing that your fights originate from this, reverse this picture. Be humble to accept your mistakes. Also, be humble in accepting your spouse’s mistakes and forgiving him or her. 

6. Avoid comparing your spouse with other people

Comparison is a thief of joy in marriages. If you want to end your marriage, keep comparing your husband or wife to other people. This is one of the worst acts you can have between couples. 

It depicts a sign of unhappiness and dissatisfaction for the person next to you. Instead of comparing him to other people, praise him, and help him improve. It will be better and you will be able to save your marriage.

7. Forgive 70 × 7 times

The Word of the Lord speaks for us to forgive seventy times seven. That is, do not count how many times you forgave, but always forgive. Get rid of the bad feeling of not forgiving. Forgive and forget everything bad that your spouse has done to you. It will help you both be on good terms and last longer as a couple. 

8. Break the rules

There are many unwritten rules in marriages. Break the rules in a good way. In living together in marriage, many people get into the routine. But it must be broken. So whenever possible, invent something new. Live new experiences with your spouse. Program yourself to do new things and let your mind flow with ideas for new experiences. It’ll help both of you. 

9. Encourage each other

Be your partner’s support system. Encourage them to reach their goals and help them with any resource at your disposal. Help your husband or wife tweak their goals and take care of the kids when they are busy. Do not care less about things that affect them, always be there for them when it becomes overwhelming. Your support most times does all the magic. 

If your marriage is heading towards divorce, try to win back your spouse every day. Do the tips above and lastly start over. Forget all the bad things that happened and move on together again. This is the time to renew your vows and be happy again. Remember that bad times in marriage will always come. But we cannot give in to those moments.

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