“Double standards” Governor Adeleke selects her daughter as Commissioner, prompting mixed reactions.

Bayo Ajibola

Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun State has sparked reactions due to the appointment of his daughter and relatives as Commissioners in the state.

According to Kemi Filani’s report, on Friday, July 7, the Osun State House of Assembly confirmed the list of 25 nominees for commissioners sent by Governor Ademola Adeleke, following their screening and approval.

During the plenary session, Assembly Speaker Adewale Egbedun announced the names, confirming the development based on a letter received from Governor Adeleke.

Among the appointees, the Governor appointed his own daughter as a Commissioner in Osun State, along with family members Adenike Adeleke and Moruf Adeleke.

The news has caused a stir online as many have pointed out the hypocrisy in Nigerians’ support for Governor Adeleke’s decision while criticizing President Tinubu for appointing his own children to positions.


  • One Official Coolrex expressed, “Some people would disregard the significance, but if it were someone they dislike, they would be outraged and vocal about it.”
  • One Robert David stated, “The double standards in Nigeria are surprising. People are cheering now, but if it was Seyi Tinubu appointed by his father, it would be a different story.”
  • One Adenike Leg questioned, “Why not? If she is qualified, why not? Don’t many governors appoint their less capable friends into government positions? Why not appoint a child who you know is capable?”
  • One Tired Lagosian commented, “She is highly educated and more level-headed compared to those seeking attention.”
  • One Korede Lagos remarked, “She may be qualified, but it doesn’t look good for optics. It’s now up to her to perform well enough so that the people of Osun won’t be concerned about her appointment.”
  • One Dw said, “They all complain about Tinubu, but I’ll say it again. Tinubu is simply the best at what they all aspire to be, and that’s why they hate him. They’re all the same, including their supposed messiah.”
  • One Tee Degash stated, “Just imagine the nepotism. That’s why I’m proud to support Tinubu. People who are overhyped usually don’t succeed. Treating an entire state like a family business.”
  • One Package Djteejuiz questioned, “So many of you support this, but you cried foul when Tinubu’s daughter added ‘Iyaloja general’ to her social media bio?”
  • One One for Aries commented, “Hypocrites will find nothing wrong, but as soon as the other side appoints their own children, they will come out aggressively criticizing, like Venom from the Marvel comics.”

Bayo Ajibola

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