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Dressing up that Bump

DRESSING UP THAT BUMP. Pregnancy is one of the trickiest times with regard to dressing because it keeps changing. First trimester you can continue living like nothing has changed and a few months later your jeans and skirts just won’t fit.

Just because you are getting a little heavier and bulkier in certain places does not mean you should have nine months of frumpy. You can still look fabulous while showing off your baby bump. You don’t have to compromise on comfort either because there are items that are perfectly suited for a pregnant woman’s body.

First Trimester

At this point you have not begun showing yet but you are a bit self-conscious. Most women prefer to keep their pregnancy a secret from the general public until it can no longer be hidden. You might start gaining a little weight though especially around the hips and thighs.

You can put on tops that cover up your tummy without looking too bulky. Choose a light fabric like chiffon and have a top with a waistband. It will be able to cover your growing boobs which will in turn keep the fabric off your tummy and the waistband will keep the look sophisticated.

For your hips and thighs, avoid fabrics that hug too tight. They will accentuate them further and make you feel bigger than you really are. They might also be uncomfortable.

Second Trimester

You are now beginning to show and the clothes might begin getting a little tight. Buttoning jeans is slowly becoming a thing of the past and the temptation to put on larger tent-like clothes keeps increasing.

For quick fixes you can actually use a rubber band to get it done. Loop it over the button and into the buttonhole to keep it intact. A solution for long term use is getting an elastic band that fits over the waist. This band will hold your jeans up without having to button while providing comfort. It can also be adjusted as time goes by so you won’t have to worry about what to do when your tummy gets even bigger.

Light fabrics are still your friends at this time. They flow over your body and make your extra curves a little smooth. Frocks will also look good on you. They are designed to be fitting at the top and flowing from the waist down. A perfect way to keep it under wraps a little longer without looking like you have no fashion sense.

Third Trimester

This is the trickiest stage for most women because you feel as big as an elephant and there is no doubt about your being pregnant. The comments and compliments keep flowing and you start wondering whether you are not really bigger than you seem. It can be emotionally draining and your self-esteem may suffer a little so you need to stay on top of your game to make yourself feel better.

Fitting boot-cut jeans with that expandable waistband and a wrap dress will flatter your figure at any one time and can be useful for both official and casual looks depending on whether you dress them up or down. Maternity jeans with a built-in elastic waist are also a good choice since they slip on comfortably without any buttons or zips.

You may also want comfortable fabrics on an empire dress. Maxi dresses will always flatter your body and give you extra comfort. Add in a few numbers to your wardrobe and they can still be worn after you deliver so no problem.

General Tips

It can be very tempting to choose darker colors as time progresses since they are a little slimming. If you do go with that, accessorize with bright and funky items like scarves, handbags and even shoes. Ballet flats or mules in a bold print will lookgood on you and remain comfortable even after the pregnancy.

Love your body throughout. It will only be a few months so try and enjoy yourself during this time, which includes looking good.

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