Ever Thought of Some Ugly Things You Shouldn’t Do to Your Wife? Here are 9 of Them

Various habits can ruin your marriage. Many of which are not premeditated and the extent to which they affect your union is not ascertained. Every woman deserves a loving and understanding husband, one who treats her well and helps her grow. To help you have a great and peaceful marriage, below are 9 things you shouldn’t do to your wife. 

1. Destructive Criticism 

This is a silent killer in marriage. It starts as nagging and grows into something strong and recurrent. Please watch yourself and don’t get caught in the trap of criticizing your wife. Instead, choose to see what’s good about her. The next time you are tempted to say something you don’t like about her, substitute a sincere compliment. She will love it and you both will live happier. 

2. Don’t Try to Control Her

You need to understand that your wife has the right to make decisions just like you do. Don’t always try to win or make the decision. Stop trying to control where she is going, what she is doing, how much she spends, and more. Instead of stressing out about it, work together as a team, encouraging and supporting each other. Let your wife be herself and give her wings to fly. Make decisions together. 

3. Don’t Treat Her Like an Object

No matter how you think about it, your wife is not an object. She is your wife and a human. She deserves the greatest respect, especially when it comes to sexual intimacy. Always respect her and her body, and seek to establish a deep emotional relationship and trust before thinking about sharing sexual intimacy with her. Sex can be unifying and satisfying when you both treat each other with respect. Don’t force her to have sex against her will, allow her to decide. 

4. Don’t Leave Her Alone for too Long 

You can get busy with work and other personal activities but don’t forget that you have a wife. Don’t be too busy to call her, send a text, or notice when she enters the room. The next time you see her, give her a big hug and tell her that you love her. Let her know that she is your priority, putting her first – ahead of work, time with your friends, TV, or football. Spend quality time with her and try out new things. Don’t leave her alone for too long. 

5. Don’t Use Foul Words 

Your wife deserves to be treated with respect and love. Don’t insult her or use foul languages when speaking to her. She is not a baby or a street girl. She is your wife and should be treated as such. Stop the habit of using bad words and even when you are angry, ensure you don’t say demeaning things to her. There is no excuse for that. Ensure that you always speak to her like an adult and that all your utterances are filled with love. 

6. Watch porn

Pornography has ruined many marriages. It can ruin your marriage, your life, and your future. Simply put, don’t look at pornography or leave your eyes “looking” everywhere you go. Look inside and decide to choose a better path. If you are ingrained in the ugly habit of pornography, seek professional help from a therapist. You don’t want to have a broken marriage because of your porn addiction. 

7. Don’t have unrealistic expectations

Some expectations are very unrealistic. Do not compare your wife’s body, financial skills, or maternal skills to anyone. These comparisons, over time, crush their self-esteem. Decide to be kind, patient, forgiving, and flexible. The more you emphasize all of her positive qualities, the more she will naturally start living up to those positive compliments and become the woman you describe, and more. 

8. Don’t leave her to do all the work 

Marriage is a mutually beneficial thing. It needs both parties to work collectively for the benefit of both of them. You can help her with the house chores. You can clean the house, wash, bathe the kids, or sing them to sleep. You can also help her cook, take the kids to school, do the dishes, or pick groceries from the grocery store. Be her helpmate and not just her husband. These things have a unique way of strengthening your bond. 

9. Don’t tell lies

Lies break trust. Be as honest as possible with your wife. If you feel telling her the truth will hurt her, do so when she is more relaxed. Do not lie to her. Choose to be honest. Choose to be loyal. Live up to the promises you made. She deserves all of that and more.

These habits are very bad and can ruin a marriage. Thus, avoid them, decide to be better, and make the necessary changes. Be good to your wife and respect her decisions. Above all, love her sincerely and correct her errors gently.

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