Exclusive breastfeeding is key to good health – Experts

Bayo Ajibola

Exclusive breastfeeding.A Lactation Consultant, Mrs Florence Folami, on Thursday in Lagos advised mothers to breast feed their babies exclusively as the key to good health.

Folami, who is the Coordinator, Department of Nursing Science, Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), gave the advice on the sideline of the World Breastfeeding Week.

Exclusive breastfeeding.The event which was held in Massey Children Hospital, Lagos, in collaboration with the Nutrition Society of Nigeria, had the theme: “Breastfeeding: A Key to Sustainable Development Goal.”

“The colostrum is the first milk that comes from breast after delivery and it is very nutritional; other milk that comes after it is not as nutritious as colostrum.

“Colostrum is the yellow milk that comes from breast within first seven days after delivery.

“Breast milk is a complete diet given to women by God and any baby that feeds on breast milk only will not be sick regardless of the size,” the expert said.

Folami, however, advised women to exclusively breastfed their children for the first six months of life and introduce healthy food thereafter.

“Breast feed your child exclusively without adding water. This breast milk already contains drugs and water. Even after six months continue to give breast milk till two years of age,” she said.

Another Nutrition Biochemist, Mrs Olabisi Ogunrinola, said that breast milk contained heamoglobin, omega 3, hormones which served as a defence for babies against diseases.

Ogunrinola, who is a research Nutritionist and a Lecturer at Lagos State University, said breast milk contained enough nutrients and a complete baby food for child.

“Breast milk has protein, immune boosters and hormones, carbohydrate, fats and oil.

“Today, we are sensitising the mother that it is very important to give breast milk to babies in the first six months of life and up to two years.

“We are also advising mothers to exclusively breastfed which is the key goal to sustainable development. Such child will not fall sick, they will sleep well and grow well,” she said.

Also Speaking, the Apex Matron, Adewunmi Jagun at the Massey Children Hospital, Lagos, advised women facing challenges such as nipple pain, back pain, low, breast milk among others to visit their health care givers if any.

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Bayo Ajibola

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