Eyewitness narrates how side chic gave wife who came after her a smack down, leaving her unconscious in Ibadan

A married woman confronted her husband’s side chic in Ibadan but things didn’t end as expected.

The married woman was reportedly driving in an Acura car when she saw her husband’s car at Iyaganku-Aleshinloye junction and she realised it was his side chic in the car.

She reportedly left her car and went to the car the side chic was in then slapped the side chic.

The side chic came out of the car, lifted the wife, and smacked her down, an eye witness narrated.

The witness who gave an update from the scene said the incident grabbed the attention of everyone as the wife lay on the floor, not moving.

As he spoke, he said she could see the police approaching the unconscious wife and side chic.

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