Fans react to family reunion photos of Daniel Ademinokan, Doris Simeon and son, call Stella Damasus names

Yesterday, Movie producer, Daniel Ademinokan, took to Instagram to share reunion photos with his ex wife, actress Doris Simeon and their son, David after many years of separation.

After sharing the photos, Ademinokan castigated the media, telling his followers not to believe whatever they read on blogs. He wrote:

“Don’t believe everything you read on blogs. They’ve gotta stay sensational to make a dollar. It’s all good in the Hood.”

Well, some fans are not buying the “it is all good in the hood story”

One Angel Eze wrote:

“So, Daniel finally after years of emotional and psychological torture of depriving this woman from seeing her first and only child you think you can clean up you and Stella’s dirty adulterous images with these pics? Claiming it has always been good in the hood when it was really messy and the ship sinked totally without any form of communication. You need to pay Doris for damages for the emotional and psychological melt down you caused her over the years. I’m so happy she can now see her son. God did this miracle of reunion so stop taking the glory. Years back no one would think this day will ever come. This is so cute. I’m so happy for this family reunion @dabishop007 pls keep it up. This is God’s original set up for this family – Daniel, Doris, And David, Till that she-devil of a husband snatcher @stelladamasus came in and scattered this beautiful family. Stella, watch this ship it just departed and it is sailing back to where it came from and you will be left stranded and empty. Be there gathering wealth with Daniel for Doris and her son to inherit in future FOOL. You will soon know that whatever God has joined together let no one put asunder.” What is your take on this?”

While one Bisi, wrote “So one moment of reuniting pictures will replace those years of you denying Doris seeing her Son… oh! The same Som you hijacked from her mum. This dude must be out of his mind! #stellahusbandsnatcher#”

And Jane Onyekwere wrote “Taaaa…you posted this just to prove some people wrong,which means they have being right the whole time,and you had to make sure you got an opportunity,to prove them wrong…Go and sleep”


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